“…what a treat!”

George & Christine

We have just returned from a two week tour to Morocco. We always travel independently, preferring tailor-made trips, and avoid group tours as we wish to take time to see everything in detail, take a lot of pictures and video. We are also very interested in Greco-Roman history and archeology. Overall, we had a very pleasant trip. Morocco is a lovely country with a rich culture and history. We went through many little towns and big cities, and a variety of landscapes. Every casbah, every kasr, every riad has a story to tell…… and we loved each and every one of them.

We started our trip in Casablanca, and we stayed at “The Doge” a beautiful boutique hotel, with gorgeous suites! What a treat!!!! We have especially enjoyed the cuisine. Both Moroccan and Continental menus were prepared in the absolutely perfect “Cordon Bleu” tradition and the service was beyond impeccable. They were unquestionably the best meals that we had in Morocco.

Second best, we would rate our meals at Riad Jaouhara in Fes. The food was delicious and very tasty, and really plentiful!!!!! The service was excellent.

George & Christine 2

We were also very pleased to incorporate 3 Roman sites to our tour as North Africa was once one of the richest provinces of the Roman Empire.

Sala Colonia, although partly excavated, has quite a bit to offer. The ruins are not quite as extensive as Volubilis but the panoramic view of the Bouregreg river is really beautiful. Volubilis is the best preserved Roman site in Morocco and it is dominated by the remains of the grand public buildings around the forum. Lixus on top of a hill, overlooking the sea and the River Loukkos, is in its natural state, not excavated yet, but it is very impressive. Of the 62 hectares, only 10% are visible. One can very easily trace the foundations of many fish processing buildings, and there is an area where you can see Phoenician/Carthaginian/Roman layers one next to the other.

What can I say…. we loved every city that we visited, and every riad that we stayed. Only once we had a situation, but it was resolved instantly by your office in Fes. We were really very pleased to have such a “lightening” response. It made all the difference. Thanks Aaron & staff!!!

One comment we would like to make, pertains specifically shopping…. We understand and we accept that shopping is part of every trip, but here it is pushed to the limits. Also, we were totally discouraged from bargaining!!!! There were a few things that I wished to buy, but unfortunately we were never taken where we wanted to go. It is as if there is a prescribed chain of shops that we have to visit, whether we like it or not, but our own wishes are not taken under consideration…. the philosophy being, as we were told, “if one cannot find what one likes, one has to like what one finds” Unfortunately, in our philosophy, we do not buy stuff that we do not like….

If we were to redo this trip, we would have removed the second day at Chefchaouen, and replaced it with a full day trip to Lixus. For us, just an afternoon in Chefchaouen would have been totally enough. Also, I would have asked for special guides with thorough knowledge of Roman history and archeology to spend with us a few more hours at all the Roman sites.

Nevertheless , we have to admit that Morocco Tours/EIT has offered us very good service, both before and during the tour.

George & Christine (Canada), March 2013