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“Morocco is a fantastic honeymoon destination!”

Here’s why you can stop Googling “romantic honeymoon destinations.”

No matter what you are interested in, there is something fun for you. Looking to just relax on your honeymoon? Spend time in the beautiful riad or wandering Marrakech. If you are into adventurous activities, ride a camel out into the dunes, try sandboarding or hike in the gorges! For those that love spas, visit the Moroccan hammam for a couples spa.


The beauty of Morocco is unparalleled, making it a perfect romantic spot. TripAdvisor’s Travelers Choice even rated Marrakech, Morocco as the #1 Place to visit in the world! Many counties have beautiful aspects but Morocco boasts a range of scenic locations such as ancient cities, warm beaches, endless dunes and poppy-filled countrysides. Morocco is the dream exotic getaway featuring starry nights in the Sahara and vibrant city life. Each city you and your spouse visit will leave you wanting to come back and will definitely be a trip to remember!

Morocco knows how to do tourism. The last thing you want to be worried about on your honeymoon is how you are going to get somewhere, or whether or not you will be able to find a romantic place to eat. If you have a personal driver, they will be happy to help you in whatever way they can, and will go out of their way to ensure that your trip is hassle-free with every minute detail taken care of.


The food in Morocco is unbelievable. This sounds like a simple thing to consider, but imagine how awful it would be to visit a country that didn’t serve food you enjoyed! Sip mint tea overlooking the big square with delicious shaped cookies or dig into the fresh bread and tajine at a meal time.

Morocco is easily accessible and is only one flight away from the United States or other major airports.

The weather in Morocco is great. It has wonderful sunny weather for most of the year, and gets a little chilly in the winter months.

Top 8 Romantic Places to Stay in Morocco

1. Kasbah Tamadot:

The Kasbah Tamadot is located at the bottom of the scenic Atlas Mountains. It is near the delightful city of Marrakech, but is found in the little village Asni, giving it a peaceful, private atmosphere. Spend your honeymoon in one of the Berber-style tents, each with a pool. There is also an outdoor pool, indoor pool and a spa for their guests to enjoy. Check out their luxury honeymoon package which consists of a four night pampered stay. It includes private dinner for two, a bottle of champagne, and a hammam (Moroccan bath) package for each. They are also very hospitable and flexible, so they will go out of their way to make sure every request you have can be met to the best of their ability! Prepare to be amazed by the gorgeous views and luxury of Kasbah Tamadot!

2. La Mamounia:

Have a one of a kind 3 day honeymoon experience at La Mamounia in Marrakech! Included in this wonderful honeymoon package is a 30 minute massage, poolside buffet breakfast, a guided visit of Marrakech, a 60 minute Hammam experience in their private Moroccan bath, cocktails at the gallery Majorelle and other delicious meals. Take walks in their beautiful 20 acre park and marvel at the greenery and abundant olive trees. Relax and enjoy the live music played at the Majorelle Gallery with your loved one. You will come away from this hotel feeling spoiled and perhaps have a new standard for luxury travel.

3. Riad Kniza:

This luxury riad is in the middle of Marrakech. Due to its small number of suites, you and your spouse will enjoy being cared for with excellent attention! Their swimming pool and spa are lovely and the restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Marrakech. Visitors often say that this is one of the best hotels they have ever stayed in. Riad Kniza is a source of privacy and peace in the entertaining city of Marrakech. Experience the beauty of one of the finest Moroccan riads!


4. Riad Fes:

Riad Fes is known for its royal palace-like décor. You and your spouse will surely be stunned at the beauty of the architecture, glassy pool, and incredible view of Fes from the balcony. Riad Fes also has a nice spa, if you and your spouse want to visit it. It has excellent ratings on TripAdvisor from the many happy couples that have visited!

5. Getaways in Chefchaouen:

If you want a more peaceful honeymoon away from the tourist cities, how about a romantic getaway in Chefchaouen? Chefchaouen is the “blue city” of Morocco, as most of the city is painted a cool blue color. It truly is any photographers dream, although pictures cannot do justice to the unique atmosphere of Chefchaouen. Choose a hotel or a riad for your stay and enjoy looking around the small markets for souvenirs for this memorable trip!

6. Private House in Fes:

Find a small private house to stay in in Fes! This would be ideal for a private honeymoon where you can control your schedule and menu. Adventure into the markets to buy fresh produce to cook for your meals! This would be especially helpful if you have dietary restrictions-although hotels and riads are very helpful in accommodating those needs. Enjoy the freedom of your own little house in the middle of a country you have yet to experience!


7. Beach Stay in Essaouira:

Another wonderful place that you and your new spouse should visit is Essaouira. It is a coastal fishing city which offers beautiful sandy beaches. Watch a romantic sunset on the ramparts or on the roof of whatever hotel or riad. The Medina of Essaouira is particularly fun to explore and is small enough that you won’t get lost. If you are feeling adventurous, try surfing or kite-surfing!

8. Berber Tents in the Sahara:

What could possibly be more romantic than sleeping under the stars in the Sahara desert? A camel trek out into the dunes is definitely a must-experience for every couple visiting Morocco. Stay in the Berber tents and see more stars than you imagined possible. There are hotels near and on the dunes as well, so that you can enjoy a pool, hotel amenities and beautiful suites. The Sahara displays a unique type of beauty, so soak it in as you take walks out on the dunes together or have fun trying your skill at sandboarding!

Top 6 Romantic Things to Do in Morocco:


1. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Want a creative, romantic idea for your honeymoon? If you are not afraid of heights, try a hot air balloon in Marrakech. There are different hot air balloon companies that you can choose from. Start early in the morning for the best view of the mountains and desert scenery. Some companies also offer a champagne ride where you can enjoy champagne after your sky-high adventure!

2. Day by the Garden Pool of La Maison Arabe

La Maison Arabe is a beautiful hotel in Marrakech. It has its own pool in the hotel, beside their incredible restaurant, but also has a separate pool where guests can go to enjoy the day and some privacy. A driver will pick you up and take you to the site so you and your new spouse can spend a day by the pool in the middle of a lovely garden. You will love the refreshing welcome drinks, and the peaceful atmosphere. Order a poolside meal or tea and cookies! When you feel ready to return to the hotel, your driver will take you home.


3. Visit a Moroccan Spa

Many hotels and riads in Morocco offer a spa or hammam (traditional bath) for their guests. Try a couple’s spa! Complete with beauty treatments, a sauna room and massages, these spa experiences are fun to try! Relax in your bathrobe and drink the soothing green tea that they provide. Each hotel or riad will do it a little bit differently, but they all promise a rejuvenating experience.

4. Explore the Palaces of Marrakech

Moroccan architecture is breathtaking. Visit old palaces in Marrakech such as the Badi palace, the Bahia palace and the Royal Palace to try to imagine the lives of sultans and viziers. The Saadian Tombs are where the kings of Morocco are buried.


5. Wander through the Souks

The Medinas of Morocco are fascinating. Devote a day simply to wandering around through the markets and looking at all the little shops. In Fes, there are sights to see such as the tanneries, the weavers and the Berber pharmacy. Buy souvenirs to take home, or even decorations for your house together!

6. Visit Cascades D’Ouzoud

Looking for a beautiful view? Take a day trip to see the Cascades D’Ouzoud, Morocco’s largest waterfall. You can stay the night there if you want to enjoy the scenery for longer. Pack a picnic and drink the fresh squeezed orange juice sold nearby! This location won a 2015 Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor.

Themed Honeymoons:

If you are a couple that enjoys bonding over a specific activity, you might enjoy planning a themed honeymoon. Here are two themed honeymoons that would work really well in Morocco:

Culinary Honeymoon:
Do you and your spouse love to cook together? Are you always on the lookout for new dishes and spices? While in Morocco on your honeymoon, try out cooking classes, taught by experts. They will guide you through the preparation of a delicious Moroccan meal. Some cooking classes even have you go to the market and buy all the ingredients with them so that you will be able to replicate the meal when you get home! Stop by the Berber pharmacy in the Fes Medina to buy the spices that you will need to bring back home.

Adventure Honeymoon:
This one is for the couples who want to be active on their honeymoon vacation. Make sure to seek out the adventure opportunities in the cities you visit! For example, hike in the scenic Atlas Mountains or while in Essaouira, try out the water sports! Another romantic adventure is taking a 4×4 trip out in the Sahart desert to explore the sand dunes. If you are a fan of rock climbing, Morocco also has many great locations to do so such as the Todra Gorges or Tafraoute.

Have other theme ideas for honeymoons? Ask us and we’ll tell you how they’ll work in Morocco!

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