“…expectations, perception, reality!”

MareeEXPECTATIONS! Right, so coming from Australia, and having just been “scammed” on the internet with an American visa in May 2012, I was dubious, to say the least, to use a
travel agent which I could not see, call in and collect a brochure or touch if you will! My husband works for Skynews and travels frequently and has a company travel agent who does all his bookings, his EXPECTATIONS were quite high, you might say! But, as it was his 50th, I decided I would do all the leg work and what his travel agent gave me for Morocco I wasn’t happy

I was prepared for there not to be anybody at the airport to meet us
(scammed). BUT, the more Kit and Ruth conversed with me and sent me things
right down to wishing each other a “Merry xmas, stop working and go home and
wrap presents”, type of email I PERCIEVED the Morocco Tours/EIT to be legit!
After paying the initial down payment I still EXPECTED to not hear from you
again (at this stage you are thinking ‘dumb aussie,’ I know)…I am a tactile
person, cut me some slack!

Once I started to get the leaflets for our trip from Kit or Ruth, I started to anticipate our trip to Morocco.


The amount of information you gave I perceived to be almost over board! But
let me tell you did it pay off! We were ready, fully informed with accurate
information absolutely! And, compared to a lot of other people doing similar
tours “a hell of a lot more prepared”,( one couple didn’t adhere to “No
Salads by the side of the road” advise you gave us, they spent their time in
Fes in Bed with a doctor being called, while we ate and shopped our way
around Fes). We saw them later at the airport and asked about the
information we got from our travel agent …they got none of it! My Perception of the driver was that he would just drive, be knowledgeable about his country but Drive. WRONG! he was so so much more…he was a friend in Morocco that knew the best lamb kebabs to eat in Moulay Idris,and the best place to watch Casablanca go by whilst sipping a Moroccan tea. He was the friend who could see I was tired of bartering and just take over, he was the friend who had the knowledge of his country, of an intelligent man who respected the culture of visitors and gave us the knowledge to
appreciate the culture and diversity of this fantastic country Morocco, he
was so so much more! You are to be congratulated on your choice of
drivers!…..amongst other things! Look put it this way by the end of the 9
days, we were great friends and his wife and daughter took me to a
traditional Hamman (if you have been to one of these you will know what I am
saying!!!)then back to their house for tea and henna! Does it get any
better! He didn’t have to do that! My Perception of the accommodation was on track …I googled! The country side the stops we would make the experiences we would have I really didn’t have any idea. Slack but true! I think they call us lazy tourists, but that
is what your there for ….RIGHT!

Someone met us at the airport as instructed!(I was happy about that for
obvious reasons!) Abdel, well what can I say he was gorgeous and he
surprised us every day!, at the end of every day we would say “god, today was
unreal, tomorrow can’t be that good!”eg: Day one: meet and great oh and
let’s have a little walk around Casablanca…don’t worry if the husband
doesn’t see the beggar grab my arm, Abdel is there right by my side looking
after me! Ok its 4pm lets have a Moroccan mint tea in some gorgeous café in
the old part of Casablanca sit on the corner of some gorgeous street and
take it all in…I felt like I was in a movie!

Le Doge accom great! The food and the service in the dining room
exemplary….now I know you will be disappointed, but please know we thought
about it long and hard and just had to eat there a second night and
cancelled Ricks café (you should always save something for next time …you
know!) Day Two a big day, but a great day! We told Abdel we are pretty
relaxed no starts before 10am (just in case we have too much wine the night
before, which seemed to be a regular event!), so he suggested as day two was
quite big just this once could we start a bit earlier! Each and every day
was fantastic! My husband travels up the front of the plane and stays in the
best places around the world, when asked upon his return “how was Morocco?”

The guides you chose were fantastic, the accommodation was 5 star the food was unbelievable, the cooking class magic! I brought home 6 kilos of spices! Yep, my house in downtown Aussie smells like Morocco!

In conclusion, the REALITY is we want to go back with our 4 adult children
and 2 of their partners, we need Abdel to drive a 12 seater bus and we need
about 12 days next time….I am sure you will be able to help us out!

God, we had a ball! I hope that is being conveyed to you all because it was
so good it feels surreal. My husband felt like it was a holiday and not attacking his wallet every day (as we had pre-paid almost everything before we went), we
were prepared, we had gorgeous, typical, but luxurious Moroccan accommodation and food. And because we didn’t have to think about anything Abdel did it all for us!

Please thank everyone for their work on our trip and know that when the time arrives we will be calling on your services again!

Jeff & Maree (Australia), March 2013