“…Our most favorite times…”

In celebration of our 10th wedding anniversary, I had planned a trip to Europe. The first leg of that trip was a 2 1/2 day stop in Marrakesh, Morocco. Our guide and driver had greeted us upon our arrival and to make the most of our trip we starting touring right away. Our guide dropped us off at a very nice resturant where we enjoyed a French/Moroccan lunch. Afterwards we went to tour the various mosque’s and ancient buildings of the city. Our guide was very knowledgable and we learned much about Moroccan history and culture. Afterwards, our guide escorted us to the souk, where we were able to pick up gifts and other items. After our 1st day I had regretted not booking a longer stay in Morocco.

We really enjoyed ourselves and on the last day in country, our driver took us back to the souk to pick up a few last minute items. He was very good about keeping us on time so as not to miss our flight and he stayed with us until we got checked in on our flight.

Afterwards we traveled to Athens, Madrid and toured Italy. While we enjoyed our vacation, our time in Morocco stands out as one of our most favorite times and we are planning to return.

As for safety, I’ve never felt safer, the people were very warm, friendly and hospitable, more so than when we were in Europe. Our guide and driver stayed with us the whole time and kept the tour at a pace we could enjoy everything. I highly recommend a tour to Morocco and Experiance Tours is an excellent company to book your vacation through.

Clarence and Loretta, September 2011