“It was a dream come true…”

I am not sure that we can put into words how amazing the trip was – we had set very high expectations for it and everything exceeded those expectations. It was a dream come true – we fell in love with Morocco, the people and the sights.

What were the highlights of the trip – well, there are a couple of them – Marrakesh and the souk for sure was wild, crazy, sensory over-load., blow your mind adventure and then the night in the tents in the desert – the total difference in the lack of noise and the beautiful stillness of the desert.

Youssef, was amazing – we totally enjoyed his company – we always felt safe and very well taken care of – we all have a love for music so it was fun to spend the time while driving discussing music and listening to both of our ipods. Because you spend so much time with Youssef we felt like we were part of his family and he is now part of ours. He represented the company beautifully the entire time and answered millions of our questions!

The service that was provided by Morocco Tours from the initial contact to your follow-up email was outstanding – Jeff should be very pleased with the excellent team that represents the company. I have to say that one thing from a customer service that was amazing was when Chris and I were laying down on the top of a sand dune looking at the stars with our wonderful Berber Man sitting beside us and his cell phone rings and it is Jeff enquiring on how our night was going. It is a wonderful feeling to think that there are truly people thinking of your interests when you are away in a different country.

Chris and Suzanne, September 2011