“A Dream Honeymoon”

We had a fabulous honeymoon and were impressed from start to finish with the arrangements, accommodation and value! I will be sharing you contact with many friends who were wowed by our Facebook posts and want to book trips for themselves.

Ahmed our driver was very professional and his English was excellent. He took great care of us throughout.

The cooking class at Cafe Clock in Fes was a home run, we loved it and met another great couple there for a fun day.

The overnight in the desert was a great adventure, although it was bitterly cold overnight. Overall we were made very comfortable by the staff in the desert and are definitely glad we did it.

We were upgraded at several of the hotels, our suite at La Maison Arabe in Marrakech was simply stunning.

Meals were great and our meal plan made us feel truly spoiled.

Thank you for the great advice and diligent care with our arrangements.

It was a dream honeymoon!

We will go back to Morocco for sure, and will definitely call you when we are ready to plan a return visit.


November of 2017