“You delivered 100% percent”

I cannot begin to tell you how much we enjoyed our time in Morocco! What a fabulous country with so much to see and do. Without a doubt, the highlight of our trip was our driver and guide Yousef. He was fantastic. Yousef delighted in showing us all over the cities we visited. He watched out for us in the markets, helped negotiate pricing for us with vendors, told us the best places to eat and what to order, and treated us like treasured family members. We could not have asked for a better ambassador and guide!

We had a terrific time in the Marrakesh market. Yousef took us around to the various food stalls for an authentic Moroccan dining experience. We dined on some delicious plates of Moroccan soup, sheep’s head (ok, this one was a challenge!), kabobs, keftka and sausages. What a fun evening watching the entertainers and trying new foods. We had a blast!

Jeff, your hotel recommendations were perfect! The Riads in Fes and Marrakesh were gorgeous properties with fantastic food and accommodations. Our biggest surprise was the Kasbah Les Jardins de Skoura. After driving 4 kilometers over a dirt road that went through dried out river beds and around crumbling construction we were welcomed through a small wooden door into a little French paradise. (Needless to say, I was terrified of what kind of hotel property we were going into!) This property was a stunning oasis in the desert with the most beautiful gardens bursting with ripened fruit trees and hedges of rosemary and herbs. The food was spectacular as well. It was a shame we were only able to spend one evening in this Garden of Eden.

The only negative of the trip would be our dinner at Kasbah Xaluca. Please do not subject any of your clients to their dinner buffet. Every dish was cold and stale, including the soup – probably because they didn’t plug in any of their chafing dishes! It was literally a bacterial feast. We were so tired from a day of traveling over the Atlas mountains and hiking on the sand dunes that we really didn’t care and were content to eat a roll and some salad and fall into bed. Save your clients and book them elsewhere.

Thank you so much for pulling together a wonderful vacation for our group. We are still compiling pictures, so I don’t have anything to share with you. You and your staff did a fantastic job from the start to finish. I know we were a demanding and very detail oriented client – and you delivered 100% percent. Please extend our thanks and appreciation to everyone at Experience It! You are the BEST.

Kindest regards,