“Very Excellent And Memorable Trip Indeed!”

We are just back from our fabulous 2 weeks in Morocco. The tour was excellent, well planned, well organized, well thought out and thoroughly enjoyable. We’d do it again in a minute. As you all well know, the key to any private tour like this is your driver.

Our driver Youssef was superb! Not only an accomplished and very professional and safe driver, he is a kind, considerate and very pleasant young man. He constantly was thinking ahead to do all the little things to make our tour special. Examples include always having cold water in the van, jumping out at every stop to open doors, hold umbrellas and make sure exiting the van was safely accomplished, cleaning the van inside and out every night, having the wifi hot spot always available and being a constant source of interesting useful information about Morocco. We never had to wait for Youssef. He seemed to magically appear just as we were ready to go to the next location. He knows a lot of people everywhere and constantly was checking on things for us, making calls for information, looking things up and generally making all the details go very smoothly. We felt like we had a personal valet!

The guides along the way were also excellent, especially Khalid in Fes and Zubida in Marrakesh. We spent full days with each of them and found them very pleasant, extremely well informed, patient and very accommodating. Without them, the medinas would have been impossible to enjoy. We found ourselves constantly saying “we never would have found this place on our own” but with their knowledge, we found many great spots. We actually would have enjoyed more time in the medinas as we all much enjoyed all the unique shopping opportunities.

Morocco is an incredibly diverse country. As Youssef pointed out, you can experience all four seasons in one day traveling from Fes to Merzouga. We find ourselves repeating this information to friends and family when describing our trip. The ever changing vistas were just beautiful and we thoroughly enjoyed seeing so much of the country. There was a lot of van time but the van was very comfortable and Youssef was always answering questions, pointing things out and stopping whenever and wherever we wanted. If we had only gone to Fes and Marrakesh, we would have had a great time but would not really have gotten to know Morocco. This was truly a tour of Morocco.

Riad Fes and Riad Kniza were off the charts outstanding. We loved Hotel Le Doge. The food throughout the trip was great. The lunch spots Youssef picked for us were interesting and always good. The dining rooms at Hotel Le Doge, Riad Fes and Riad Kniza were outstanding. The desert adventure was great fun and very civilized. We enjoyed it all thoroughly.

Usually when we get home from a trip we are really glad to get home. This time, although we are glad to be home, we miss the sights, sounds, smells and friendly people of Morocco. A very excellent and memorable trip indeed! Thanks to you all for helping us have this great experience.

Best regards to you all,

Andy & Judy

October of 2018