“Incredible Trip To Morocco!”

Amy & Jeff, we want to thank you for our incredible trip to Morocco! It far exceeded our expectations. I have traveled in more than 50 countries (some multiple times) and Morocco is certainly at the top of the best. I was amazed at how diverse the country is and how friendly the people are. To go from city to mountains to desert in one day was exciting.

We owe a lot of our comfort, Moroccan knowledge, and fun to our guide Wahid. He was considerate and helpful in so many different ways. For example, I stepped on something on a beach in Spain that made my foot swell up. By the time we got to Tangiers and met Wahid I was in pain. He immediately found a doctor for me and helped me get prescriptions and a few days later I was fine. I really appreciate his consideration. Also, he is so knowledgeable about his Morocco and shared great information with us. In addition, Wahid not only understands English, he understands idioms, slang, etc. We more or less laughed our way through Morocco. Thank you for sharing Wahid with us!

Riad Lina in Chefchaouen was 5 star! A beautiful place with very helpful staff. We had the incredible pool to ourselves in the evening. Chefchaouen is a remarkable town and I would love to go back there again.

Le Palais des Cerisiers—10 stars. A beautiful hotel in a beautiful setting. I could have stayed there for a week!

Jaimas Madu—what can I say? 10 stars! Eating under the stars, a beautiful tent with toilet and shower—really
roughing it in the desert! (The camel ride was way cool too)

Ksar El Kabbaba—10 stars for food and accommodation! Wonderful staff and exquisite grounds.

Riad Joya—10 stars. I felt like a princess there and the staff was wonderful.

Thanks again for helping to make our trip so wonderful!


Sep & Oct of 2018