“Vastly surpassed our expectations”

We had a wonderful time in Morocco and the trip vastly surpassed our expectations, from the extent of the history we discovered, the beauty and variety of the landscapes, the friendliness, politeness and refinement of the people. Personally I came with quite a few prejudices (was expecting various forms of harassment and pushy vendors at every corner) but all of them were shattered. I did enjoy the fact that it was low season and that in many cases we had the place to ourselves. So many highlights and memories I will always cherish:

– The beauty of the architecture in FEs and Marrakech and the amazing craftsmanship I have never seen before, one never truly tires of it,
– The beautiful blue town of Chefchaouen (unfortunately I missed the visit of the snake at the Dar terrace, only my mother saw it)
– The ancient ruins of Volubilis and the surprisingly well preserved mosaics
– Petting the baby camel at Xaluca Dades Hotel
– Sleeping under the stars in the Berber tent camp which we had all to ourselves (tent was way too hot this time of year)
– The road from Ouarzazate and Marrakech
– The unbelievably stunning La Sultana Riad in Marrakech, with roof restaurant overlooking the Saadian toombs, I cannot recommend that one enough
– Admiring the beautiful horses at the Fantasia in Marrakech
– Most of all the many encounters and conversations with locals including guides, merchants and others, which were without exceptions all delightful in their own ways

Our trip wouldn’t have been the same without our driver Ahmed who was the ultimate gentleman and always extremely attentive. We could not have asked for a better travel companion and guide for our trip around Morocco. Ahmed had an interesting background and was obviously very well educated which made it possible to discuss a wide range of topics and we learned so much more than we would ever have done without him (including how to tell the age of a camel!). It was sad to say goodbye and we wished we could have continued our trip for another week at least.

When I initially decided to book a trip to Morocco, I was sceptical about being able to get something tailor made at such short notice and was expecting a much more cumbersome process and organstaional glitches . I was very impressed by how fast your response time was and how smoothly everything went during the trip. The only initial disappoinment was that we couln’t stay at the famed La Mamounia, it turned out for the best as the recent renovation is rumoured to have destroyed the original charm of the place and we got to discover the amazing La Sultana.

Roushana July 2010