“All 4 of us had a great time!”

I thought I would drop you a quick e-mail about our trip to Morocco last week. All 4 of us had a great time! That includes our 2 kids who aren’t all that easy to impress.

Our guide Youssef was excellent. He was very knowledgeable and caring about the country itself, and extremely willing to accommodate scheduling requests. Sharon and I have toured a number of places in the last few years, usually in guided tours with medium and small sized groups. Our experience with Youssef has convinced me that the extra expense for a private tour is well worth the expense. He is a great guide and representative for your company.

The itinerary of the trip was well thought out and planned. The day of rest in the middle of the week helped us all catch up with our sleep and GI distress (still on-going as of today). The most interesting and best place to stay during our trip was the Riad. If I were to do the trip again, I would skip as many of the hotels as possible, and stay only in Riads.

Forty years ago I was reasonably fluent in French, but haven’t spoken it in that many years. What I could remember came in handy many times. I was a little, but pleasantly, surprised how little English was spoken. It was nice to visit a county where at least overtly Americans are still reasonably well liked.

All in all, I was delighted with the experience, and would definitely recommend your company and Youssef to anyone interested in visiting such an interesting place.

Elon June 2010