“…truly the trip of a lifetime!”

Patti's Group Dinner

Morocco is certainly a country that attacks all your senses…the amazing & brilliant colors, the smells of the spices & tanneries, the daily calls to prayer, that every meal is a feast of flavors, and the feel of many different textiles…from carpets to clothes & everything in between! My senses were totally overwhelmed by the end of each day! You really can’t explain it to anyone…they just have to “Experience It” [with Morocco Tours]!

To start at the beginning…

1. Met up with “Sir Awesome” at CMN no problem! He was not only the most charming, most connected, most intelligent, most adorable driver we have ever had…but also the most AWESOME! So much so that he was knighted!

2. The Riad “Delacroix” Moucharabieh was everything we dreamed of, and more! Truly magical! Like stepping back in time!

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3. The House Man, Majeed, was an angel sent down from above…a real gentleman! He became very dear to all of us and he is greatly missed. A very rare and kind soul…one who will never be forgotten! I hope they know how really special Majeed is!

4. Our rooms were unbelievably dreamy & we couldn’t have asked for anything more than perfection! Our dining table for breakfast, & for our 2 dinners in, was so precious…lovely embroidered tablecloths & napkins, wine glasses, candles, & service extraordinaire! Along with the complimentary beverages our evenings were near perfect! Thank You Moucharabieh!

5. Riad Jaouhara was also amazing! The most fantastic location in the Medina that I could have imagined! Our rooms were huge, and the tile work was so beautiful & extensive, even on all the stairs & everywhere one looked, we saw beautiful tiles & patterns! The staff was warm & welcoming, and made our stay very enjoyable!

6. Our meals, both breakfast & dinner, were taken in the courtyard & were delicious! It was a lovely setting, though more casual than Delacroix. The only negative here, and please pass this along to the proprietor, was that our dining table was very low, too low for the chairs & sofa that were there. It made eating difficult as no one was able to fit their legs under the table. I noticed the other patio sitting area had the same problem. It’s hard to fully enjoy their wonderful food when the seating is so uncomfortable! Such a shame, as it would be a simple fix. No B & B, or Riad, would want their guests to be so uncomfortable while enjoying a good meal!

Patti's Group

7. Our time spent in both cities was wonderful…the Riad’s, the Souks, the shopping, the food, the vibrant colors everywhere, and most of all the kindness of the people! When we left the Delacroix Majeed gave us a beautiful bouquet of red roses as a memory of our stay! And when we were leaving Fes, on our last day there, a man seated on the walkway asked my husband if we liked Morocco…and when Dick enthusiastically replied ”Yes it was magnificent”, he said “Thank you for visiting our country, I hope you will return soon”! The Moroccan people were so welcoming & it added so much to our overall experience!

8. Though we elected to skip the Ourika Valley Tour, & spend that day in the souk, the other tours & the guides were great! My husband & daughter thoroughly enjoyed their cooking class & Dick came home with a Tagine!

9. On reflection, the Itinerary worked out very well…after our long flight, and a lengthy time spent in passport control (well over an hour), plus getting some local currency & sim cards at CMN, the decision to take the shorter drive to Marrakech first worked out for the best. Also, touring the Mosque in Casablanca enroute to Fes, was a nice break in the long drive, and visiting Meknes & Volubilis on our way to Casablanca, gave us an extra full day in Fes. Considering we only had 9 full days in Morocco (not counting the day we arrived at our Riad, 7:30pm, & the morning of our departure from our hotel, 5:00am) we managed to cram just about everything into our trip!!!

On closing, I would like to thank you Kit, & Ruth, for all the hard work that went into planning this ‘over-the-top’ fantastic holiday! Also to thank Aaron for his help, and taking time to visit with us while we were in Fes.

Everyone at “Experience It Tours” did an excellent job, and made our vacation truly “a trip of a lifetime”!

Thank You One & All for Everything!

Gayle, Bobbi, Carol, Colleen, Dick, & Patti (USA), October 2014