“Looking for a tour to Morocco from Spain?”

If you are in Spain, why not stop by Morocco for an adventure of a lifetime? There are many trips offered from Spain to Morocco, but we firmly believe that you will benefit from experiencing for yourself the amazing culture of Morocco in depth. As you consider planning a trip from Spain into Morocco, we have developed some helpful information that should make your trip easier.

Types of Tours to Morocco from Spain:

You have four different options of tours:

1. Spain/Morocco combo tour: Many companies offer tours that start in Spain and visit Morocco as well. Some also visit Portugal as well. If you are looking for a brief overview of these countries, then this might be best for you. You will need to book this combo tour ahead of time with one of the companies that offers larger bus type tours.

2. Self-travel: If you are willing to tackle this on your own, then this is your cheapest option. You can either rent a car in Tangiers or catch a train or a taxi to the next city you want to visit. This is good for those who prefer spontaneous travel but might present difficulties figuring out public transport.

3. Group Tours starting in Morocco: Usually these group tours will meet in a bigger city such as Casablanca or Marrakech. These are nice for an organized trip that is cheaper than custom design. Make sure that you know how to use public transport to get to the meeting spot in Morocco.

4. Custom Designed Tours in Morocco: A benefit to these is having a personal driver meet you at your arrival, allowing your journey to be stress-free. Starting in Tangiers, you can begin up north in Chefchaouen Morocco (famous blue city of Morocco) and work you way around the country. You can hit any destination in Morocco that you desire.

Things to Consider when Making the Transition from Spain to Morocco:

1. Think about time zones! Spain is one hour ahead of Morocco. Don’t forget this difference when you are planning to either meet a driver or try to make a flight!

2. You can either fly into Morocco or take the ferry from a port in Spain to Morocco. For cheap flight options, check out easyJet or Ryanair for good deals. Nervous about trying the ferry? Below we have included some tips about taking the ferry in order to make your transition smooth.

3. Make sure you have your passport or another valid travel document to enter Morocco. It must be valid for another 6 months.

Ferry Tips from Spain to Morocco:

1.Morocco has 4 ports that you can arrive in from Spain. The most popular city to arrive in is Tangiers (which has 2 ports) but you can also arrive in Al Hoecima. Ceuta or Melilla are other ports you might arrive in-but be sure that you are aware that you will still have to cross the border into Morocco since these are Spanish exclaves.

2. When arriving in Tangiers make sure that you are meeting your driver/group in the right port! The two are Tangier and Tangier Med. They are about an hour away from each other.

3. An easy route for you to take is Tarifa-Tangier since it voyages the most times every day from Spain to Morocco. It only takes about 30-45 minutes (if you take a high-speed ferry-there are slower options) and costs around 30-40 euros per person.

4. Can you book your ferry ticket ahead of time? Some companies, such as FRS, allow you to book your ferry ticket online. This might be helpful to save you time and trouble.

5. Caution: the ferries are not always on time. From our past experiences, we advise that you don’t rely on perfect timing from the ferries to make a tight flight or schedule. If you have a private tour in Morocco, it won’t be a problem for your driver to wait.

6. For more ferry information such as the FRS timetable or to book online, check out http://www.frs.es/en/

7. For a website that compares different ferry routes from Spain to Morocco, see http://www.aferry.co.uk/ferry-to-morocco-uk.htm

About Tangiers (Tangier):

It is no wonder that Tangiers is a city that has housed artists and writers throughout the past due to its charm and cultural activities. Much like other cities in Morocco, Tangiers is split into an old city that keeps the medieval atmosphere and a new city that is more modern. Some interesting sights that you might want to see are the Grand Socco Square with its large central fountain or the Kasbah museum located in a previous palace of a sultan. There are also an abundance of souqs or little markets that are fun to explore, though the shopkeepers have been known to be somewhat persistent in their pursuit of customers. Visit cafes in the plaza for a relaxing view of a culturally historic site or see the beautiful St. Andrews Church.

Why deal with the various grand taxi, train or rental car issues or arranging and coordinating an itinerary for your trip into Morocco? We will make sure that you travel in the most comfortable way possible so that you can enjoy your well-deserved trip to Morocco. Let us take care of the details from the moment your driver greets you at your arrival to the final drop-off of departure. We have special deals arranged with most of the riads and hotels throughout the country, as well as on transportation, city tours and excursions. All of that, plus the added assurance of a trusted, in country adviser, who is preparing the way for you will ensure that your trip to the beautiful Kingdom of Morocco is hassle-free and luxurious.

Do you need help with your tour to Morocco from Spain?

We are experienced at arranging tours from Spain to Morocco. Whether you are looking for a quick jaunt through Northern Morocco (Tangier, Cabo Negro, Tetouan, & Chefchaouen) or a full-fledged tour/honeymoon/holiday around the incredible country of Morocco, we would love to serve you. We specialize in providing luxury tours in Morocco. We can provide you either with our trusted tour packages or the option of a custom designed tour that goes at your pace and hits all the destinations that you want to see!

Our services begin when your hand-picked driver meets you at your port or airport, but we thought it would be helpful if we provided you with tips about tours to Morocco from Spain that we have learned from our years of experience…

  • Easy pickup at the port you choose
  • Excellent English speaking drivers
  • Tours on at your own pace
  • Quick responses from Morocco experts
  • An unforgettable trip
  • But don’t just take our word for it, here are testimonials from our clients!

    Here are some of your trusted tours. We look forward to hearing from you!

    Explore our Morocco tours

    Customized Affordable Luxury – Private Morocco Experiences


    Best of Morocco – 11 Days

    The Best of Morocco is our most popular tour! See all that Morocco has to offer with culture and style. From the ancient medinas of Fes and Marrakech to a night in the Sahara dunes. Your Handpicked english speaking driver will show you the real Morocco. Imagine yourself sipping a cup of mint-tea overlooking the 1200 year old Fes Medina or enjoying a cooking lesson from a Moroccan chef.

  • 11 Days Private Transportation
  • Hand-picked, English speaking driver
  • 10 Nights – Authentic Moroccan riads
  • Sahara Excursion – camel, guide & tent
  • Half Board – 2 meals each day
  • Guided Tours
  • All Entrance Fees
  • View the full itinerary


    Authentic Morocco – 14 Days

    The Authentic Morocco is my favorite tour! From my 10 years of living in Morocco, we created this amazing tour. Putting together my top 5 places to visit in Morocco, the Authentic Morocco takes you to Chefchaouen, Fes Medina, Sahara, Marrakech and Essaouira. Your will discover the special places of Morocco. Imagine yourself spending the night in the deluxe berber tents or 5 star riad.

  • 14 Days Private Transportation
  • Hand-picked, English speaking driver
  • 13 Nights – Authentic Moroccan riads
  • Sahara Excursion – camel, guide & tent
  • Half Board – 2 meals each day
  • Guided Tours
  • All Entrance Fees
  • View the full itinerary

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