“Marvelous Moroccan adventure”

Wow! We are still reliving the magic moments of our Morocco tour, still savoring the sights, sounds and smells of the medina, the warmth of the people, the charm of the riads, and the beauty of the countryside.

Of course, a guide makes all the difference in the world. Ahmed Hadji is a treasure, a wonderful representative of his country and your agency. Always ready with facts that helped us understand Morocco. Always ready with a smile and a helping hand. We are very grateful.

How could we have gotten through Chefchouen, Fes and Marrakech without the strategies devised by Fatima, Ali and Nouri? Each made the city come alive, helping us to understand history, customs and religion.

We are often asked: “What was your favorite spot?” Oh, so many moments, so many vistas, so many surprises. Our visit with Ali to the pre-school in Fes’ old medina stands out. Ali’s gentle manner and the enthusiasm of the beautiful children made a deep impression.

The Call to Prayer echoing over the land is a beautiful sound. We grew to appreciate those moments, when, briefly, we stopped to think about what can bring people together and what is unique to each community.

There is a photo we should have taken! In Fes, on one of those marvelous cobblestone streets, on the wall of the mosque, is a small slot where one can make a donation and pray. The custom is to insert a coin or two, place your hand on the wall and silently pray. It was special to place hands where so many others have before. . . and pray for what we all want: peace. No photo but a thoughtful memory.

All of us who are able to travel, to visit other countries – especially those whose traditions and cultures are much different from ours – have an obligation to work for understanding. The amazing political upheaval in the Arab world over these past weeks shows us how technology can speed change. Let’s hope that it speeds understanding as well.

Again, thanks for arranging such a marvelous Moroccan adventure. We had a great time!

Mary and Jim