“It was so much more than a tour”

Our driver Hassani was amazing!  We loved interacting with him.  As David said, we felt like we were in excellent hands.  It was so much more than a tour.  We asked Hassani lots of cultural, religious, other questions.  And we learned so much from him!  We left with a deep respect for him as a person and for Morocco.

We also had a good experience with our local guides, particularly Moustafa in Chefchaouen.  We had a really fun, engaging day with him.

We had good experiences in the tile factory and carpet co-op in Fez.  We loved learning about the tile work especially, but did not make big purchases at either.  There were amazing products and I’m sure many people do want to buy, but I would have liked to have had the option to donate to the work the cooperatives are doing (just my personality) instead of buying.


June of 2018