“Everything Was Just Perfect”

We had an amazing trip, everything was just perfect even being there during the Ramadan made our experience more real, Rachid our driver was great, so serious and compromised with his tasks, always on time (before time waiting for us) giving us the appropriate advices on what to do or what not to do, being sure we were safe, the first day we started our trip in Marrakesh he told us to not engage with strangers trying to get direction because sometimes they could take advantage of tourist, we were trying to find the species market and 2 guys approached us suggesting we should go somewhere else, at the beginning they looked so friendly and they were telling us to go to a market were the people from the mountains bring the animal’ skin, we started walking in the direction they told us (against Rachid’ advices) and when we felt a little lost I saw one of the man again insisting on keep going, then was when it hit me, exactly what Rachid told not to do, then we starting to go back on the opposite direction, and one of the men was so adamant that we should keep going their way that was a little scary, until he finally gave up, we never told Rachid what we almost did cause we felt so guilty, and that first day we realized that Rachid is gem!!

Both of the guides (in Marrakesh and Fes) were very knowledgeable, took us the most important places, and how amazing was that even though they were fasting we never saw the minimum sign of tireness or discomfort, only one comment, that even though we went to all the places we wanted and could go Rachid told us that if we probably wanted to go somewhere else we could have ask for (so maybe you can mention that to others that for the guided city tours people can request to go or not to go to certain places; in instances we asked Rachid to take us to Yves Saint Laurent’ garden and he did before we headed out to Skoura.

Our Riad in Marrakesh was lovely, Brigitte is adorable and the food was so good, is was absolutely amazing walking down those small streets and entering the Riad you feel in a different place in one second also when we went to Skoura from Marrakesh were were under the impression there was nothing to do, what a huge surprise when we crossed the door of L’Ma Lodge, it was literally an “oasis”, Vanessa is a wonderful host, and the place and every detail are amazing, on our way to Merzouga it was really nice and relaxing having the time to spend part of the afternoon and the night at the Kasbah Hotel Chergui, food was really good and the facilities were very nice, having the time to relax at the pool; the next day heading out to the Sahara, the 4×4 driver was so adorable and cute 🙂 and also a great host (I believe he was one of the owners of the hotel and tents, not that he ever mentioned but for his great attitude and he was always on top of the service) they assigned us a room at the hotel before heading out to the tents, there was a pool there, he told us we could relax and use the room until it was a little later in the afternoon for our camel ride to avoid the high temperature, so we spent part of the afternoon there, then the ride with the dromedaries was unbelievable the guide was so sweet, we saw the sunset and then he took us to the tents and our luggage were already there, the guy in charge of the tents was so helpful, funny and sweet and was such a good host, pending that we were not missing anything, he cooked for us, and the food was so delicious, fresh and so abundant that the only thing missing was a bigger stomach, and our final stop in Fes was great too, Dar Al Madina Al Kadima was a nice Riad to spend the 2 nights , and there the sweetest thing happened to us, the last night we told to boy at the reception that we were leaving the next morning very early since our flight was leaving from Casablanca, at 4:00am when we open our room to leave, the boy approached with 2 breakfast boxes to take with us for the road!!! Who in hell will prepare breakfast and pack it for you if is not your mother? Well he did (it never crossed our minds he would have had breakfast for us that early in the morning, it only happen in Morocco).

We are very grateful for our experience with you guys, we will recommend you always (as a matter of fact one of my best friends is already in contact with you making the arrangements for her trip sometime in December).

I’ll keep in touch,


May of 2018