“Excellent tour…”

Thank you for arranging our excellent tour of Morocco. Everything met our expectations. A few specific comments: Our driver – Mr. Ahmed Hadji. Ahmed was excellent in every way. He was very professional but personable. His English is excellent and he is very knowledgeable of the history and culture of the region. He was very polite and attentive. In fact, he would arrive to be sure the guides were on time even when he wasn’t driving us. He was accommodating and helpful in every way requested. I would recommend his services to anyone.

Hotels – all were excellent. The La Sultana was by far the most outstanding but the others were interesting and comfortable. One comment for your future guests – while it wasn’t a problem for us, most of the baths had a tub with shower or hand held shower. The tubs were very high and “antique” making climbing in and out somewhat of a challenge. We laughed that we were getting t-shirts that said “I Survived the Bathtub at Hotel La Doge!” Again, we had no problems with this but anyone with any disability or older would have had a dangerous time bathing.

Guides – each was excellent. All spoke excellent English and were very knowledgeable and accommodating. All were most willing to discuss issues that we raised that might not be typically on the “tourist talk”. We were pleased that they generally were not pushy about shopping at commission shops.

Cooking Class at Café Clock – one of the best! Madam Souad was outstanding and the class was informative and interesting. You should recommend this to your clients – in addition to the actual cooking, the experience focused on culture of the Moroccan home and daily life.

I travel a great deal and prefer “nontraditional destinations”. For example, I’ve visited India 16 times. From most of what I had read, I expected Morocco to be somewhat of a challenge. I had read about a great many annoyances – hawking, begging, touting, harassment of women, etc. Frankly, we did not experience any of this. The Moroccan people were polite, respectful, and hospitable. I found that they have a good sense of humor and a moderate world view. It’s too bad that they get a tarnished reputation on the internet.

Thank you again for your excellent assistance. Please convey my appreciation to Ruth, Joe and your team. I will be communicating with Aaron to fine tune our student trip in June. I am also interested in pursuing a “luxury” trip for a group of our University patrons.

Eddie (USA), January 2014