“…beyond anything we had imagined…”

Lou & Margaret

We’re up to our knees in snow but Morocco is still a gleaming memory. The range of culture, history, and natural scenery is beyond anything we had imagined — and we are quite frequent and experienced travelers. We can’t say enough about Morocco Tours/ Experience It! Tours and everyone connected to it — office staff, guides, and, most of all, the delightful, helpful, humorous, and insightful Namir! Margaret and I had never used a driver before and so before the trip, the idea gave us pause, but Namir is so professional and likable that all misgivings were instantly dissolved. I have been recommending Morocco and your organization in particular to everyone who asks about the trip.

We found the diversified schedule to be just right — the old cities with their medinas, the historical site Volubilis (I used to teach Roman history!), and the time in the desert and mountains made for a perfectly balanced mix. And the guides selected by Namir were just ideal (Hakim in Fes, Said in Marrakech, and Hamid in Volubilis). I was quite impressed that after he got a sense of us and our interests, Namir went out of his way to match us with such great choices.

The Riads in Fes and Marrakech were both extraordinary and again I was impressed on how you and Namir keep close tabs on places that you recommend.

All in all — a fabulous time for us.

Margaret took tons of photos — she’s really good! — and here are just a few. If you would like more — scenes of happy, satisfied customers and the their guide? — just ask.

Thank you so much.

Lou & Margaret (USA), January 2014