“Everyday in Morocco was great!”

Firstly we cannot sing praises enough of our driver Aissa. We travelled over 3000 kilometers within your country and the enthusiasm and love that Aissa had for his country was the most important aspect of our tour that we will hold forever.

We are 64 years of age and the tour gave us an intimate knowledge of a country that previously we did not have. Your guide in Fez was excellent and what a wonderful city.

We were comfortable to choose Morocco Tours because the feedback from other guests of all ages.

We were thrilled with our over – night Sahara tent and camel ride at sunset.

We are well travelled and everyday in Morocco was great! We appreciated the diversity of a country with historical cities, enormous deserts communities and such special places as the ancient Kasbah and oasis life.

On reflection we were disappointed in the food. The mouth watering spices seen in every market were not noticeably in any food that was included in the Moroccain International Menu during our tour.

We love to eat as the people of the country we are visiting do and I do not think that the taste of Morocco was evident in most dinners. The exception was the Riad Kniza, so we have come away with a lost opportunity to really know the true taste of Morocco.

Overall we enjoyed the country very much indeed, and thank Aissa on his excellent driving,

Lyn & Ted May 2010