“…wonderful, exotic, eye-opening…”

We are recovering from a wonderful, exotic, eye-opening, but exhausting experience! Morocco is a beautiful land and we so enjoyed our week. Came home with a bit of Morocco belly, unfortunately, but the silver lining is that all the weight that came on from the delicious food last week is melting away…

Ahmed Hadji is a lovely, intelligent, and patient man, who we found easy to be with all week. He took care of us. He steered us to good places. It was such a pleasure to NOT have to think about anything, because we knew he was.

We loved Rabat, Meknes, Fes, and Marrakesh. Our guide in Fes –Hakim— was extraordinary. The medina is an incredible place— we felt transported to another time. Hakim was warm, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable. We loved the variety of places he took us to (including a preschool!) and found him very flexible to our needs. Our guide in Marrakesh, Youssef, was less to our liking, although not bad. We had the sense that by stopping at many stalls (we wanted to buy some stuff by then!) we were driving him a bit crazy by not following his agenda.

I already have recommended Experience It Tours/Morocco Tours.com and will continue to!!

Susan, December 2011