“What a hoot!”

Would I recommend Morocco Tours/ExperienceIt! Tours? Definitely!! Your staff are good communicators who make every effort to resolve any concerns, good people. Kit & Ruth, you have been warm & friendly. It’s been fun doing business with you.

Hamid Zeghiri was far more than our driver. He went far beyond his call of duty to look after us. He was ever patient & helped solve problems ranging from Sarah’s Indian Visa to replacing a broken camera and helping us buy a cheapie phone to use in Morocco (he was concerned about our need to be able to call him at all times. When we politely refused a suggested restaurant for lunch, he paused then asked if we’d like to go to a place his wife would frequent. His choice was perfect – downstairs was nearly all ladies yacking away & laughing. We felt comfortable and the food was really good too! Hamid is a true gentleman. He was very supportive; he became our ‘family’ while we were in Morocco.

Nosey parkers that we are – we asked about Hamid’s family. He was very tolerant of our prying questions about customs of love, arranged marriage etc. He said he’d observed we were very interested in modern Moroccan culture – aaaand …. long considered pause – (Hamid style) – he asked if we’d like to attend his brother’s wedding in Fes!! Squeals of delight – what’s not to love about a wedding!! The bride & groom welcomed us as did Hamid’s lovely family. His sister-in-law Fatima spoke English & sat with us explaining the procedures. Teenage boys joined the dance & Sarah had a retinue of teen admirers dancing around her. One amused mother kept pointing out her son to Sarah, winked emphatically & laughed. What a hoot!! What an honour – everyone was so friendly & warm, just like Hamid. It is an evening neither of us will ever forget.

The standard of accommodation exceeded our expectations. The meals provided were wonderful. We were impressed by RIAD JAOUHARA in Fes & RIAD MOUCHARABIEH in Marrakesh. They were both magical, tranquil oases; each hidden behind a regular wooden door, absolutely breath taking. The hosts certainly looked after us well too, all very nice people

The camel ride into the Sahara. Unfortunately, I had a tummy upset but damned if I was going to go all the way to the Sahara Desert and not ride a camel on my birthday!! I felt really sick but the camel driver regularly checked on me & progress a helped an inelegant descent from the docile beast. What a sight to behold – a matronly 61 year old, neck brace on –nearly wobbling off the dratted dromedary! I’m so glad I did it though! My daughter Sarah was like an excited school child even after adventurous backpacking for 9 months (a mother-daughter moment to bottle).

Chefchaouen. We loved the old, blue walled medina that has been in constant use since the 15th century. We were impressed how multiculturalism works well with a mix of Spanish, Jewish, Berber & Arabic coexisting happily in the old city sector.

We found most Moroccans friendly & hospitable. We met some wonderful people, Bedouin & Berber heritage were new to us. Some we met were more than happy to talk about their life, their faith & their beloved Morocco over a pot of mint tea.

The price for a private tour was very reasonable considering the quality of accommodation and excellent service provided. We’d highly recommend you to anyone planning to visit Morocco.

Many thanks to you all,

Diana & Sarah (Australia), August 2012