“…What a great choice!”

Donna Camel

We are four Texans (a family of three and a close friend) who have enjoyed traveling together for a number of years. We prefer private travel with a guide/driver so that we may catch a more personal glimpse of a country and its culture. This year, after doing some homework, we decided to visit Morocco with “Morocco Tours,” the luxury division of “Experience It!” tours because they offered a wide variety of options and the flexibility to tailor our trip to fit our desires. What a great choice! From the get-go, “Experience It!” exceeded our expectations. Their promptness, professionalism, and courtesy quite honestly surpassed that of our former “upscale” travel agency in Dallas!

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Briefly, we cannot say enough about our driver/guide. He was a wealth of information and sincerely worked to insure that we got the true “feel” of Morocco. Youssef spoke great English, was very punctual, was a skilled driver, and went out of his way to see that our needs were met. Intuitively, Youssef often surprised us and tweaked our tour to include experiences that he knew we would enjoy and appreciate. One example would be that of visiting the home of a Berber family in a village (casbah) on the edge of the Sahara. Additionally, Youssef was more than patient with our group as we came on the trip with a shopping agenda; we were on a mission to buy a Moroccan rug! Youssef coached us, taking us to reasonable dealers and providing suggestions on prices and negotiating.

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The accommodations “Experience It!” provided surpassed our expectations as well. The riads were spectacular, and it seemed we always ended up in the best rooms! We cannot attest to sleeping in tents on the desert as originally planned, owing to a sand storm that developed. Substitute arrangements were smoothly made to offset that problem, and the rooms appeared to be the best that might be available in that remote area.

The meals that were provided on the trip we chose, appealed to all of us (and one of us was a vegetarian!). It would have been hard to have picked better places.

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The surprise was the food at the riads. Normally we think of hotel food as not so hot. But at the riads, being more like a personal home than a hotel, the food seemed personally prepared. By the way, the service of the meals was impeccable. Our lunches took place at the discretion of Youssef when we usually were on the go, and he always knew the local places that were good- from Berber pizza on the Sahara to a seafood restaurant by the Atlantic.

We would say that if anyone wanted to go to Morocco, consider “Experience It!” Tours’ Morocco Tours. Morocco is an exciting but also a developing country with a population that is welcoming to us “foreigners”! “Experience It!” has tapped all the resources to make sure that visitors are comfortable and shown all the treasures that Morocco has to offer.

We heartily recommend “Experience It!” owing to their expertise in planning and providing a fabulous worry free vacation.

Donna & Family (USA), June 2014