“Unbelievable Honeymoon”

Where do I begin? Let’s start 22 years ago when Bob and I met in 1995. We started dating seriously and got engaged three years later and married 20 years later, sweetest day, October 17th 2015. When he re asked me to marry him a second time in 2015 June, he said, “where do you want to go on a honeymoon”, I said Morocco! It was my first marriage at the age of 64 and Morocco was going to be my first honeymoon!

Two years later, October 2017 we went on our unbelievable honeymoon. So at the age of 66 I went on my first honeymoon with Bob, my husband. It was well worth the wait. I cannot think of other place on earth that would have been a better choice.

I do not really know why I wanted Morocco except it was always was on my mind. I thought the colors and spices would be outstanding, which proved to be more than true! I have traveled the world and Morocco seemed to me like the perfect place to adventure on a honeymoon as it would seem very foreign and romantic, again exceeded expectations on both accounts. I thought we needed to go where neither one of us had been prior; again, I was right, this made it special, discovering the culture together. We had talked a lot to someone from Morocco at Jupiter Hills Golf and she told us to just go and we would fall in love with it, which we did!

We first met our driver at Fes airport, Wahid, he asked us where we wanted to go, I was shocked thinking he should know, that is when we first learned he had a sense of humor and liked to joke! Bob said I do not know, thought you would now, but I have to look in my brief case! When we stopped for tea I asked about dinner and he said he was thinking of taking us to get a Big Mac! So American and we wanted a Moroccan meal!

Our home in Fes, Palais Amani, was beautiful and relaxing. We had a great time hanging out by the fountain and taking in some in some some hummam treatments. After our first wonderful dinner by the fountain, all dinners afterwards seemed so romantic and special, all arranged by Wahid. He had an acute way of listening and then selecting what he thought we might like, which we did. Every dinner did not feel like we were at a tourist event but rather just a special

All of the touring was did was special, colorful and meaningful, we learned a lot about the culture learned to like the Muslim country and people. The ruins, the inner old city, the call to prayer all are lifetime memories.

Wahid exceeded meeting our needs. When I was not feeling well, he got special lemon water, hoping it would help. He rerouted us so the mountains would not aggregate me going to Marrakech. He the next day then took us to the Berber Country Mountains, so we could experience a different culture and beauty. Having a third person on our honeymoon could have been a challenge, instead it was a pleasure. He was kind, smart, happy, connected and willing to make our trip special.

Our Riad in Marrakech, LeMaison Arabe, with a balcony was amazing, a little more formal then in Fez, but every bit as relaxing! We choose to eat dinner they’re our final night again because the dining experience was romantic and the food so tasty! To sit by the swimming pool was special. What were free days became touring days because of the flexibility of: Wahid, shopping, the gardens, the mountains and the re-shopping.

Although our driver was funny, I got the last laugh when I had him called to taking me shopping prior to our flight take off. I had my luggage with me to save time. He asked where was Bob, “I said this is our honeymoon and we have separated!” He was concerned and asked why? I said just kidding; he is resting, as he likes to do, enjoying the riad! We have our memories, pictures and feeling. We would not have changed one hour of our time in Morocco. We will remember Morocco as being a gentle country with kind interesting people who make up the culture. Thank you!

Carolyn & Bob

October of 2017