Our Morocco tour was terrific. Thank you!

Ryad was our driver and we cannot say enough good things about him. He was the safest, most caring driver we’ve ever had. He knew and loved his country. And to top it off, all the guides he got us were absolutely terrific. Ryad is a gem.

Our itinerary did entail quite a bit of being in a car, so if we had to do all over, we would change the itinerary a bit. For instance, we would have spent an extra day, or two, in Marrakech and skipped the gorges. Rocks do not rate highly on our sightseeing list. And we loved La Maison Arabe in Marrakech! And maybe we were doing too much in too short a period. We also wanted to know Rabat and especially Tangiers (we are city people), and so maybe we needed a third week, a month, a year. Morocco is a fascinating country.

Just about every place we stayed, the people were lovely.La Maison Arabe in marrakech and the Riad Fes were marvelous; both the rooms and the meals were superb. Also, I would highly recommend the Lina Ryad in chefchaouen. Terrific room, small but lovely spa in a lovely city. The owners, Emile and his wife, were delightful.

The sahara experience, with a terrific camel ride, was indeed very special, though a big-time sandstorm prevented us from staying overnight in the deluxe tent. The people who took care of things there moved us to a deluxe suite at a nearby auberge, and they basically said, because you guys are with Morocco Tours/Experience It! Tours, you get the best room. Way to go!

I was also surprised by Rick’s cafe in Casablanca; it was extremely nice, and downstairs, where we ate, did not NOT have a touristy feel to it. It was a good night.

You guys do a terrific job.

Bernard & Ruth (USA), August 2014