“Our trip was fabulous…”

Our trip was fabulous…we had a wonderful time. The highlight for us was the history and the architecture and the wonderful people. We loved the quaintness and peace of Chefchouen….It was a long way to go, but well worth it. The architecture and histroy at Fes was amazing…in particular the old Riads were just mind blowing. I think Marrakech was our favorite place. It was a wonderful blend of culture and history…but very cosmopolitan at the same time. El Jadida was just rest time for the kids…at the beach and at the pool and they had a great kids club which the kids really enjoyed.

In general the tour guides were great. They were friendly and knowledgeable and helpful. They understood that we needed to move at a slow pace and apart from in Fes were in no way pushy about buying things from the various shops they took us to.

I think the pace of the trip was just right…it was very important to stay in places for a reasonable amount of time, so the kids got a sense of being settled. Breaking up tours and rest days was important as there is only so much history and looking at things that kids can take. Being flexible on the trip was also very important and Mounir was most accommodating in this regard.

The hotels we stayed in were amazing, Riad Fes in particular was magnificent. The upgrade to the Royal suite in Marrakech was a great decision as the kids had lots of room to run around in. Mazagan is a beautiful resort, but we were disappointed with the service levels and the food.

In terms of Mounir, what can I say….He was fantastic…. he is a large part of the reason why our trip was so wonderful. He made our trip easy and simple so all we had to think about was having a good time. He was very friendly and open, incredibly trustworthy and accommodating in every regard. He was very flexible, he re-arranged times and days of tours to suit our needs. He was always prepared and thoughtful (he always loaded the car with water and juice and drinks for the kids). He was very helpful in every regard…from recommending restaurants (we wanted to eat at local places…but clean ones where we would not get ill), to helping in communication/translation, to getting our laundry done..to coming on the tours with us..to helping with the kids. I think kids are a great judge of a person and our kids loved him…to the point that rather than coming to the markets with us on certain days, they hung out in the car with him….this speaks volumes for the type of person he is.

In short, when we arrive in Morocco we had a driver, but when we left we had a friend….

We would definitely recommend recommend Morocco Tours/Experience IT Tours to any friends wanting to travel to Morocco. Although we never spoke to your guys in the office (which in itself was a sign that everything was going fine) I know that they regularly checked in with Mounir to make sure everything was fine…that was comforting. It is what is unique about what you offer…a local presence which one does not get from a normal travel agent.

Thank you again for organizing a wonderful trip for us…

Anoop, April 2011