“Our trip was amazing!”

Our trip was amazing as was our driver Majid Baraka. He was an excellent driver (which was his job), but he also was a great tour guide telling us what we were seeing when we were not with a formal tour guide. I also never had concern for our safety with him driving including when we were going over the high Atlas Mountains, which could be frightening with a driver you did not have confidence in. I am also not usually a good passenger, wanting to be in control. But I felt very comfortable with Majid as the one in control. Can’t say enough good things about Majid.

We found the Moroccan people very warm and friendly. One of the things that was amazing to us was when one of our party was a little under the weather and stayed back in his room (at the Riad Myra), the staff actually came and took him for a walk to get him some air. You would never see that happen in a western hotel.

The accommodations were great and the sites were wonderful. The Riad Myara and the Riad Kniza were both amazing as was the L’MA Lodge and the Palais Masandoia. I told the hotel staff at the Riad Kniza if that had been a site (like the Sultans summer residence or something) I would have been impressed, and we actually got to stay there.

Our experience in the Sahara camp included a sand storm. And although it canceled the fire pit and the star gazing, who else other than Berbers can say they have been in a sand storm in the Sahara Desert. So even that was a life experience that we “enjoyed”.

We enjoyed the tour of the Fez markets very much, even more than the tour in Marrakech. Marrakech was a little wild with the motor bikes which Fez also had but not in the same volume. Our tour guide in Fez was also outstanding and if I was going to pick my favorite part of the trip, that would be it.

I think I also liked the diversity of what we saw on this trip from nature beauty of the Tondra Gorges and High Atlas Mountains to the palaces and mosques including Hassan II to the Roman ruins at Volubilis. We even liked the Majorelle Gardens which was different from what we had seen to that point in time. We were never board on this trip even with the number of hours we were in the van.

The food was excellent, although after a week of Tajines, we were happy with Italian food on the last night in Marrakech.

We definitely will recommend Morocco Tours to anyone who is going to Morocco. Everything was exactly as promised and very upscale.

Thank you for a great experience.


March of 2019