One of the best trips…

Terry and I were very pleased with Ilyass, who was our driver. He was always courteous and considerate and answered all of our questions or got us answers without fail. His driving was very safe

; we always felt comfortable with his speed, passing, distance from other vehicles and he never let situations get him flustered or angry ( which would have been a challenge for me in a similar situation). We were very satisfied and would utilize Ilyass again for a future trip in Morocco or recommend him in a heartbeat! In short, because of Ilyass’ personal efforts, our trip to Morocco is one of the very best trips we have taken over the past several years in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. I believe that your company would be well served by continuing or expanding your relationship with Ilyass.

The tour guides were very good and the Riads were also excellent.

This is the first vacation in several years where my wife and I are already considering making a return visit before even leaving the country! Your company services and staff certainly made it very enjoyable for my wife and I. We will certainly recommend your company and your people to our friends for travel in the region.

Again, thank you for a wonderful trip! Your have only wetted our appetite for another Morocco experience!

Best regards,
Lee & Terry, Saudi Arabia (December 2015)