“Morocco has become one of my favorite trips…”

I had a great time in Morocco. Morocco has become one of my favorite trips, not just because of the country but also because of the people I encountered. I loved all the hotels/riads except for the first one. I was disappointed with the Royal Mansour. The food was fine, it was the accommodations that were not so great. Every other place we stayed we would stay again. You could not select a better driver if you tried. He made the trip a wonderful memory for all of us. Memories of this trip will last a long time, but memories of Khalid will last my lifetime. He did everything he could to assist me when my daughter needed help.

Favorite activities: staying out in the Sahara Desert (the night sky is something I never get to see with Denver’s ambient light) and my cooking class. I went food shopping (artichokes! yum) and ate the dinner I fixed on top of the cafe with sunshine and a view–can’t get better than that!

Favorite stop: Volubilis! The mosaics were beautiful and so well preserved and the setting was perfect.

I would tell people to bring twice the amount of money to Morocco to shop with. I thought I had brought enough but in the end I had to use my credit card.

Thanks for all the help in assisting us with the plane ride home. I am not sure we would have been able to work out a solution. All of us were so impressed that we received four calls inside of one hour telling us the problem was being worked on. One from the US, two from Morocco and one from Libya. Thanks for all your hard work.

Thanks again for a wonderful trip. I am looking at Libya…

Teri, February 2012