“Made us feel cared and protected”

First of all I owe you guys a HUGE thank you for everything!

The trip was amazing since I change the first e-mails with Kit a long time ago and she answered all my questions while I was still deciding if was the time to make it to Morocco. After with you/Amy/Ruth (a big thanks to Ruth too) that helped me with all the preparations, questions, the almost last minute change (due my husbands passport expiration) and provided such a complete material that read about Morocco and their culture. I already had made my research, but for my husband that was “jumping blind” on that, was very useful! Definitively I would and will recommend Morocco Tours for my friends!

The trip itself was amazing and Jamal is outstanding! Not only as a driver (with the car always clean, cold water available, always waiting us even ahead of time) but as a guide and a person! During the long ours in the car he always explained us about the locations, the history, the people. Was always available to answer questions and suggested us some unique experiences that I’m pretty sure I would never find if I traveled by myself.

Two highlights of how Jamal is amazing was when we where leaving Fes and we got sick (maybe cos we brush our tooth with tap water?) and we were feeling really weak in the morning. Jamal was super proactive delaying the trip to the desert so we could rest a little bit, searching for Gatorade for us, checking all the time if everything was ok and taking us to eat some light food (even insisting to us to eat to be strong again! lol).
And the other was when we came back from the desert and he has prepared a small birthday surprise to me decorating the van, with a “birthday girl pin” and even birthday songs!!! Oh, and a surprise cake in the hotel!

All of this made us feel cared and protected while far from home and is such a life experience we will never forget 🙂

Thank you again EIT team,
Raissa K.

September of 2017