“I would return in a heartbeat…”

I would like to extend to the Morocco Tours/ExperienceIt! Tours team my sincere thanks for all the work that went into organising our trip. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to my friends in New Zealand and hope that some of them will pick up on my enthusiasm for Morocco tours and also the wonderful country of Morocco. I know that I would return in a heartbeat.

Everything went very smoothly. All the accomodation was execllent, but I especially enjoyed staying in the Riads and having the opportunity to enjoy the older style buildings as well as getting to know the wonderful staff at both of them.

I am glad that we decided to stay several nights in each place rather than always travelling. Also you get a better idea of the place if you can explore for a few days. I really enjoyed the Moroccan food. There was only one restaurant that we went to one evening in Marrakech that I wasn’t so keen on as it was mainly Western food and all English music when I would have preferred Moroccn music, but apart from that one experience everthing was perfect. Next time I will cut out the evening meals as part of the package as I found I ate too much!

My favourite place was Essouria and I would like to return there again one day. I loved the Medina with the charming and very friendly shopkeepers and also feeling so relaxed walking around there. I also found the Medina in Fes absolutely amazing and several times used local guides to show me around the many little streets. Other highlights in Fes were the cooking class which I enjoyed very much and going to the local hamam.

Lastly our driver Ahmed. You could not have chosen better for us. He was absolutely wonderful and went way above just doing driving duties. He was an extremely safe driver which to me is most important. He also told us all the time about the history and culture of the areas we were in and is very knowledgeable about his country. He also appreciated the fact that women enjoy being pampered and would drive us to places where we could have a massage and then have to wait. What I appreciated most about him was his patience as he tried to teach me a few basic phrases in Arabic and every day would test me on the words I had been given and also give me new ones. Next time I am going to start learning from day one rather than half way through the trip! He must be a great asset to his company as he is certainly a gem.

Once again thanks very much to everyone, but especially to Ahmed.

Maria Francesca, July 2011