“Happy New Year!”

Happy New Year! We are wrapping up our tour with Jamal. Sad to see our vacation end.

You guys answered my questions and addressed my concerns in the planning phase. I needed assurance that your drivers and guides would be best-in-class and not just an average local vendor. Jamal and the city guides were excellent. When a vacation trip isn’t dry or just seeing the usual sites and being shuttled around, but rather a personal conversation where we go beyond the tour sites, but get to learn about each other and comfortably talk about anything, then THAT is a great experience. My two daughters connected with Jamal and the guides, and even the Riad staff. Again, the bonus is always the connections with people.

We would concur that the Riad was the better experience over the hotels. It was more unique and more personable. Knowing what I know now, I would have opted for an all Riad accommodation had it been possible. The hotels were nice but were minimally unique from the hotels we use in NA. The Riads were not always perfect. The Fes one had a funky smell. Some times the hot water was slow to come or just lukewarm, but the beauty and the historical nature of the Riads are worth it.

I have no qualms about recommending you guys and have actually referred others who were starting to think about a vacation like ours.

You have our family picture with Jamal.

P.S. I’m sitting on my camel Berber rug…a memory we brought back from Morocco.

Ian, Mary, Ashleigh & Lauren, USA (December 2016)