“…fell in love with Morocco…”

Jackson (my son) and I returned from our Morocco trip satiated by truly one of the best trips I have ever taken! I completely fell in love with Morocco, and will return again hopefully very soon. The best part about Morocco–hands down–are the people. It is the people that make this magical, historical and cultural mecca so inviting, and so memorable. Even driving down the highway, I loved seeing people smiling everywhere and engaging in community-oriented ways… It seems like it is a world bent on tradition, and the warmth of welcoming newcomers into that tradition. My goodness, we should all end up there just to say we have experienced a true life!

My favorite place to visit was Fes… Even though it was pouring rain, our guide, Hakim, was AMAZING! He formed a very special bond with Jackson and will not be forgotten. We loved the little “hole in the wall” restaurant that we ate lunch at—best food ever, and then the dinner at Restaurant 7 was fun. Loved all the places Hakim took us to, wished I could have stayed there for 2 weeks more to explore, check out the art galleries and see the less touristy stuff that locals get into,

Best hotel was Riad Kalaa, in Rabat, for it’s attention to detail. Adored the head chef at Maison al Arabe in Marrakech. (Marrakech was probably my least favorite spot because it was so touristy, but so glad I visited!) I could have done without the visit to the Sahara (but that’s because I live in Saudi!) The guys that did the drumming at our funky campsite were so much fun—could have jammed out with them for another few hours, but then no one would have eaten dinner! 🙂 The Roman ruins at Volubilis were mind blowing!

To be sure, there wasn’t a single aspect of the trip that wasn’t amazing and all “part of the experience…” I am a traveller at heart, and will drink up the good the bad and the ugly. Simply put, you organized a fab trip and have reignited a desire to see MORE!

Ahmed, the driver was absolutely wonderful and professional. I know I am not alone in saying all the women in the car had a little crush on him! But that girlishness aside, he really knew how to drive carefully (no one was car sick once!) and became a reliable companion to have around 100% of the time in a somewhat unique family travel situation… He was perfect—and I hope that we might cross paths with him again, in the future.

A few words from Jackson: loved the fossils, and wished I could have excavated some myself! Enjoyed meeting all the different people who guided us through an amazing country. Please say hello to Ahmed and Hakim for me—they were my favorites!

We have so many memories and have basically been left wanting more! You cannot ask for anything better than that! Thank you Kit, for planning such a wonderful journey! Should we go to Essaouria, I would love any recommendations…I just keep thinking there is so many more things Moroccan I would love to experience…

Warmest Regards!

Amanda & Jackson (USA/Saudi Arabia), February 2015