“…Best tour out of 25 countries…”

I do not give testimonial, but Morocco Tours will be my exception. Due to the great care of your staff especially Youssef we all had a great time. The tour went without a flaw. I feel this was mainly due to Youssef. Even when he handed us off to your other tour guides we felt that Youssef was there in sprit and that we would have a great time. Youssef’s driving and guiding us through your great country made this one of my best trip. Best tour out of 25 countries to put that into perspective. The local restaurants he took us to had great local charter along with even greater food. Youssef also was very good at keeping his eyes open for fun and out of the ordinary functions to attend. Example: we were driving to Fes and Youssef noticed a local fantasia along the road and stopped to let us take pictures and explain what was happening! At one of the very good restaurants we stopped at, one of Youssef friends was working that day and Youssef talked him into playing his Six string banjo while he and Youssef sang a local gospel song. The short of it all was Youssef was on time and keep us on schedule at the same time treating us like family.

Your hotels were all very good and gave great personal care. My favorite being La Maison Arabe. Their restaurant was fantastic. Rachid the Bar manager was great. He not only made very good original drinks but knew our names upon our first visit to the bar. He was also very kind in giving us many of the restaurants recipes.

Mark, Judy, & Friends, USA (May 2015)