“…a wonderful trip.”

I wanted to thank Kit for planning a wonderful trip. We all felt we got a wonderful sense of Morocco. As with all trips, it is the guide/driver that can make it or break it. We were so very fortunate to share our days with Adil Fezzez. He was extremely professional at all times and made it very clear to us that his desire was to make us happy. He was flexible in his approach, allowing us the freedom to make changes when necessary. His driving skills were skills were excellent, I was never nervous when driving through the mountains (usually I am a wreck)! Most importantly he was very conscious of establishing a relationship with our grandson, Ryan, including him in all decisions and laughing with him a lot. He called him the prince, which Ryan got a kick out of. On our free day, Adil took us to the mountains to hike with Ryan, which proved to be an excellent time for him. I can only give Adil the highest of recommendations, and wish him well.


Sharon, Stan, & Ryan (USA), April 2014