“…a wonderful holiday…”

We returned on Monday and I have been wanting to email the team to say we had a truly WONDERFUL holiday in Morocco ….thanks to Morocco Tours (MT) & ExperienceIt! Tours (EIT)! My family were all praising me about my perfect planning on the holiday, but I had to graciously concede that the credit went to MT/EIT!!

The itinerary we had was excellent, the drives not too long, with the longer ones nicely broken up in between. It covered the truly diverse scenery of Morocco, from the Snowy High Atlas to the deserts, Sahara, to the undulating green hills with the grazing sheep, barren landscape with camels scattered around, gorges, cities, ruins, souks, edifices etc. It was an extremely good plan and route, and I should thank you for organising it for us, as not having visited the country before, we would not have been able to organise it ourselves…so thank you for a job well done.

From the time of arrival to departure, Hassani our driver, was there to guide and take us around. Always helpful and ever courteous! He let us set the pace and was happy to accommodate our every request. What impressed me the most was he maintained excellent communication and coordination throughout- ringing hotels ahead to say when we would be there, or to ensure our targines were prepared in advance, to ensure we got our sunset on the desert by getting us driven straight to the camels for our trip i/o checking in to the hotel first, etc. We left one of our phones back in one of the hotels and he immediately made arrangements to have it got back, and we received it from another vehicle travelling back before we had even reached the next destination! All in all, an excellent member of your team who really added value to our trip.

We loved our Quad trips at Erfoud. I was a bit worried that we would only drive through dusty city streets, but there are fairly large dunes just behind the Xaluca, which were a great place to get our maiden runs going. The whole family enjoyed the Quads thoroughly!

Our hotels were also very good, each one so different, yet warmly welcoming. I am glad we went in for Riad Fes those three days as it was a wonderful experience too, and they put on a lovely New Years eve event.
All the guides we had were also excellent, and couldn’t be faulted. So once again thanks to you all for a wonderful holiday, and to you, Kit, and Ruth for all your faithful follow ups!!!


Sheila, Wilson, Sujith, Stefanie, & Priyanka (Papua New Guinea, India, Switzerland, & Australia), December 2014