“…a wonderful adventure…”

We enjoyed everything about our 2 weeks in Morocco. It is truly a country with rich culture and diverse landscapes from the ocean to the mountains and the desert.

Our driver, Hamid, was professional, a fantastic driver, patient and we learned so much about the history and culture of Morocco from him. Hamid went above and beyond making sure our needs were met. For example, he took us to 3 different restaurants in one night before we found one with a menu that we liked. He took us to a place to have our laundry done and then he picked up our laundry for us the following day. He took us to the post office and helped us mail some things home. On my birthday he bought a bottle of wine for me. When we bought a painting on the last day and then discovered it wouldn’t fit in the suitcase, he graciously agreed to mail it for us. The highlight of the trip I would have to say was my birthday with a camel ride in the desert and watching a spectacular sunset. Then a delicious dinner with a bottle of wine for me that Hamid bought and a birthday cake with candles that Hamid arranged. Every day brought some kind of adventure and created special memories. But the most lasting impression was the friendliness and hospitality of the people. We visited a lady who lived in a cave. Even though she only spoke Arabic, her warmth and kindness was evident. We visited a man living in the Kasbah who invited us into his home. He placed his baby in my arms and invited us to stay for lunch. We experienced a day in the life of a Berber which was fun, educational and very memorable. The family was extremely hospitable. We learned how to make Moroccan bread and Moroccan tagine and then went to draw water from a well. We visited several women’s cooperatives where we were warmly received. The Cherry Buttons Women’s Cooperative was an amazing experience. We learned how to make the buttons for the women’s Kaftans, how they dye the yarn and how they weave scarves and rugs. We had lunch with the family of the president of the cooperative.

These are just a few of the amazing experiences we had. We would like to thank the staff of Morocco Tours & Experience It Tours for their planning and organizing everything. They were very accommodating to arrange our special requests. Everything went smoothly with no problems. We would highly recommend EI Tours for anyone planning a trip to Morocco. It was a wonderful experience. Thanks for this wonderful adventure.

Anne, USA (May 2016)