“…a once in a lifetime experience…”

Edith 2

First of all, thank you very much for your assistance before, during and after the tour! Overall, we had a wonderful “once in a lifetime” experience in Morocco and we really appreciated everyone’s effort.

This brings me back to Abdelhadi, our driver. He was really, really terrific. He also helped us to find an ATM that worked with our cards and when my friend forgot his passport in the Casablanca hotel, he was able to make a round trip again from the airport to the hotel (and back) in 1 hour (hope he didn’t break any traffic rules!). Above all that, he even put up with our off pitch singing in the car (in several languages)….His sunny personality, patience and professionalism definitely made a difference!

Edith 1

The local guides were generally very good, too. The guides in Volubilis and Marrakech were everyone’s favourite. Most guides were knowledgeable, but what set these guides apart was their enthusiasm for the history and culture of the area. They seem genuinely enjoyed showing us around and making our trip enjoyable. We were actually interested in shopping and we bought most of our souvenirs on our free day in Fez.

Thanks again for all the team members effort and help with our trip. We will definitely recommend your company to our friends (and will be posting photos on our facebook pages!)! Here are a couple of photos- one of the whole tour group and the other – my sister and me at Sahara Desert.

Edith & Friends (Hong Kong, Australia, & Singapore), December 2012