“…a great, memorable trip.”

We just returned earlier this week from Morocco and want to thank you immensely for setting this up. Your planning guidance was spot on and Namir was the best guide we have had on a trip to date. He sized us up quickly and then customized food, timing, etc. to our needs. Also, his advice on eating kept us without any signs of stomach challenges throughout the 11 days. He also used his connections and relationships to find us a good hammam and several outstanding dinners in riads in Fez and Marrakech. He also helped us to spend wisely on lunches and to obtain a local feel rather than a touristy feel. We agree with your earlier assessment of “he is the best of the best.” Morocco Tours/EIT should do what it takes to clone him or use him in training other driver/guides.

Also, the trip planning really work in terms of sufficient time in most places and a balance across the country. If I were doing it again, I might add two nights in Chefchaouen—the place you picked was outstanding; we had a chance to meet the owner and talk about his time in the U.S. and how he development the property—what a great first night in Morocco. Also, the Doge was a great last night in Morocco; we were sorry we had less than 12 hours there. The La Arabe in Marrakech was a real gem—great room, special night for Valeria’s birthday (and Namir arranged for a separate bakery to make a cake for her)—the hotel donated two glasses of champagne, and we greatly enjoyed the atmosphere there. We had a great room in Essaouira overlooking the water, but the wind made it challenging to even walk around the medina. We also enjoyed the Xaluca properties; the tent experience was exciting; we took an early camel ride and were glad we did because a storm was approaching and there was no sunset; they offered before dinner and after dinner to move us to their hotel as the sandstorm became quite wild (had to chance tablecloths three times during dinner to get beneath the sand) but we opted to stay. During the night we then had a pretty violent rain storm as well. By morning, we were covered with a layer of sand as we woke to camels walking by. The sunrise was spectacular and we were right there; others had to walk a long way from the hotel to get back out to the dunes. I think we are still shaking out or washing out sand, but the experience was worth it!!

All in all, a great memorable trip and we will (we already have actually) recommend you and your organization. We could have had some challenging moments, but Namir made everything work!!


Bill & Valeria (USA), April 2014