“…a glorious event in our lives…”


Our sixteen day visit to Morocco was nothing short of outstanding. The guidance and administrative support provided by your staff from the onset of our tour was professional, courteous, and very informative. There was always comprehensive detail and explanation at every turn. This very much sold us on traveling with your company. Your allocation of Jamal Ghannam as our driver was both the ‘icing and cherry on the cake. This articulate young man filled in the blanks on the history, culture and diversity that is Morocco. He additionally cared for us and our administrative needs… and like most tourists, there were many. His professionalism and outstanding driving demeanor will be reflected in separate correspondence to Jeff.


Morocco was a glorious event in our lives. It’s unique and diverse culture is historically significant and interesting. It complements an equally diverse geography which, in many instances, transcends time. The citizens are welcoming, and wear smiles that expose their souls. Photo opportunities abound in Morocco… we left the country knowing that we will have to eventually return to complete our album. We stayed on a diet of traditionally Moroccan cuisine and were very pleased with this choice. The presentation, texture and aroma of our meals was simply ‘magical’. An experience that everyone should indulge.

Irene and I want to thank you for offering us your tour. It is a product which will continue to thrive because of the opportunities you present,… but mostly because of the family of people that you employ.

Ed & Irene (Canada), March 2014