“Wonderful Time in Morocco!”

I had a wonderful time in Morocco and still can’t stop thinking about it now that I am home.  Having Ilyass as my driver was over the top.  He is so friendly and easy to talk with.  He has an incredible amount of information to share about his country and the culture.  I really appreciated having a driver with his level of education.  
The local guides were also excellent.  I learned and saw so much more than I could have by walking around with a guide book in my hand.

The riads were also wonderful.  I made friends with the chef at the Joya and ended up having dinner there two nights because he wanted to make “something special” for me.  The level of service there is amazing and I would love to stay there again next time..  I also liked the riad in Essaouira. The ocean views were the special aspect there.

I would say that what I appreciated most was the level of comfort that booking a tour with your group provided.  I never had to worry about making arrangements for anything and was confident that everything on the itinerary would be managed well.  Yet there was flexibility if I changed my mind or wanted to skip something.

Thanks for your attention to detail in putting the trip together and .I hope to return for another visit someday.


December of 2019