Winter Things To Do In Morocco

Morocco in Northern Africa is a popular tourist destination because of its natural beauty, fantastic sites and attractions and of course the magnificent coastal areas and beaches.
Not many people realize that Morocco can be a delight to visit during the winter months, when the weather has cooled slightly making it an enjoyable family or romantic vacation choice.

Snow Skiing
Yes you read that heading correctly. During the winter months you can enjoy snow skiing or snowboarding in Northern Africa. From January to March the Atlas Mountains become a picturesque space of white tipped peaks.

There are two main snow skiing areas with the main being Oukaimeden which is located in the High Atlas mountains. It includes a ski resort, ski lifts, restaurants and around twenty different snow trails.

Mischliffen is located in the Middle Atlas, closer to Fes and offers some good ski runs with ski lifts. Mischliffen is more popular with families looking to spend the day sledding or enjoying snow ball fights.

Draa Valley
You can still enjoy the natural beauty of the Draa Valley during the winter months, enjoy leisurely walks and visit the many Berber villages, soak up some of the history and culture while you enjoy panoramic views and picture perfect moments.

Sahara Desert
The desert remains warm during the days throughout the year with winter being a little more bearable. You can enjoy the once in a lifetime experience of camel trekking as you make your way to the various villages and oasis towns, explore the towering golden dunes and just soak up the beauty of this huge expanse of sand.

With winter offering cooler temperatures hiking is very popular at this time of year. There are so many fantastic hiking opportunities throughout Morocco where you can enjoy all the beauty this magnificent country has to offer.

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