“We loved Morocco!”

We loved Morocco and still miss our wonderful meals, especially breakfasts, the lively markets and endless narrow streets in the medinas. Here are my feedback.

About the agency/staff:

From the initial consultation for the tour of Morocco to the final goodbye to our driver/tour guide at the airport security gate, we felt very well taken care of by the staff of  Morocco Tours/Experience It Tours.

Bethany was very knowledgeable and accommodating when we requested a change to the initial itinerary.  The follow up information about Morocco, photography, history, food etc. were very informative and helpful.  In the last week before the trip, Vienna kindly followed up with us for any last minute questions which we had plenty.  Once again, this helped easing our minds before the trip.

Having our driver/guide’s phone number was extremely helpful as my luggage did not arrive with me in Casablanca.  I called and he patiently waited for 2 hours outside for us to report the missing luggage.  Our driver/tour guide, Wahid, is exceptionally flexible, always consulted us on the schedule and happily adjusted to what are interested in and physically able to do.  He eased our concerns when he volunteered to follow up with vendors to clarify purchases and shipments.  He is friendly and have a great sense of humor which we greatly appreciated.  We felt safe with Wahid and considered him a friend by the end of the trip.

About the trip:

We wanted to celebrate our 30th anniversary with a return trip to Africa (Bostwana Kalahari Desert in particular).  Morocco was not even on our mind at the beginning of the year.  Bostwana did not work out and somehow Morocco popped up on our radar.  We looked into it and was particularly impressed with cultural diversity, history, and the Sahara desert!  Morocco did not disappoint and with the care we received during the trip, it was beyond our expectations.

Our highlights:

1.       Riding the camels at sunset to our tent  in Sahara Desert on our 30th Anniversary.  Dinner at the tent was the best meal we had on the trip.

2.       Interactions with Moroccans:  our own driver is an excellent representative for his country, visit with a Berber family in their tent, being called a “Berber” woman by the vendor during a price negotiation for carpets, and a farmer in Erfoud handed me a handful of ripe dates off his trees.

Favorite story:  At Riad Myra (Fes),  I asked our waiter for “chamomile” tea after dinner.  He was a bit confused and said that there was no “camel milk’ at the Riad.  He said he came from the desert and they had camel milk there, but not a the Riad.   I was confused too.  My husband finally figured it out the similar sounding of “chamomile” and “camel milk”

3.       A sense of what life is like in 11th-14th centuries on the route of 1000 kasbahs ending for the night at a restored kasbah in Skoura.

4.       I loved Moroccan food! Tajine, kafta, brochettes, bread with eggs cooked in a tajine, olives, cookies, Moroccan tea, escargot and herbal hot drink at the Marakesh market.  I now have a Tajines & Couscous cookbook and a tajine to cook my new favorite dishes.  Made kafta last weekend.5.       Woke up to calls for prayers as our La Maison Arabe in Marakesh was next to a mosque.

6.       Could not leave without some argan oil and Moroccan botox (cactus seed extract), Berger rugs, lamps with Iraqui glasses, tiles, etc..


September of 2019