Don Morocco tour Oct 2021

“We had a fantastic time!”

We had a fantastic time! We were very pleased with the itinerary, the quality of the riads/hotels, the knowledge of the guides, and last but certainly not least, Khalid as our driver. We always felt safe and in good hands. Khalid was prompt, his knowledge of his country was impressive, his personality was enthusiastic and his “connections” were innumerable!

I would say the desert excursion and Chefchaouen were favorites – another night in Chefchaouen would have been fine with us! 

Just some quick comments:  
We had a hiccup coming home with the negative COVID testing timeframes. I would recommend avoiding this possibility by scheduling the test within the 72 hours. Jill and Amy were assisting us the best they could, which was appreciated.

Somehow, a side trip to Tangier would have been appreciated.  I don’t know how feasible that would have been without adding days (and expenses!)

The day in Fes shopping – we know how this works, we appreciate that our guide is taking us to reputable dealers, but we would have appreciated a bit more upfront input in who we visited.  We bought leather and ceramic items, but had no interest in buying a rug and that visit was pure hard sell that we wish we could have opted out of.  

All our friends are jealous of our trip!   We most certainly will recommend you without hesitation!

Don & Deneen

October of 2021