Morocco Tours Luxury Client

We couldn’t have been happier.

We stumbled upon Morocco Tours by accident while searching for tours and tour companies. What good fortune! From our initial conversations with you through the actual tour and getting to know the rest of your team and experiencing the exceptional level of service and support, we couldn’t have been happier. The organization, attention to detail and follow through were superb. We particularly appreciated your ability to customize the tour to meet our specific needs and budget and feel that the quality and value of the experienced exceeded what we paid. We truly loved the Riad experience and are so glad you recommended them over hotels. We loved the history, the food and the ambiance of the Riads and for us they (with one exception) felt like Grand Hotels. We found the beauty of Morocco breathtaking and there was so much to see that even the days with long drives flew by with pleasure.

The best part of the tour was getting to know and spending time with Rachid. What a treasure! His warmth, kindness, generosity, hospitality, attention to detail and professionalism were unbeatable! Gretchen and I both feel that we now have a Moroccan friend, and we hope to some day revisit—bot only if we could once again have Rachid as our driver. We can’t compliment and recommend him enough. He is a phenomenal representative for your firm!

Though the following comments in no way detract from our overall 5 Star rating for our experience, here are a few comments in the way of feedback:

  1. Bad luck and not your fault, but I never expected Morocco to be so cold and rainy.
  2. The only not as great experience we had was Dar Al Madina Al Kadima in Fes. And to be clear, we were only disappointed in it in comparison to our other Riad experiences. We picked it based on the photos. But the reality did not live up to the photos. The decor looked lovely and the rooftop terrace (which we never used due to rain) looked awesome, but the rooms were very small and the service and amenities minimal. No water or tea kettles in room. Staffing and food service modest and minimal. There were just 2 great guys splitting shifts and working very hard trying to be desk clerks, concierges, porters, food servers and cooks all in one. It was more the experience of a small, budget tourist hotel than a Riad in comparison to the others we stayed. I would recommend not offering it as an option except to those looking for a lower budget alternative as it didn’t well represent the quality of your Brand and the experience you provide in comparison with the more exceptional places where we stayed.
  3. I would skip the Blue City in the future and not recommend it if asked. It was charming, but once again it did not live up to the photos. Lina Riad was great and we enjoyed that you could reserve the pool privately. But there was not as much to do in Chefchaouen and the “Blue” concept seems very contrived when you see (once again not as shown in the photos) that the houses are only painted blue as high as someone could reach on a ladder and you learn they were painted blue only to attract tourists. We enjoyed the other towns much more!

Once again, thanks for the wonderful experience we had in Morocco and the exceptional job you and your staff performed. We would love to revisit Morocco and would highly recommend Morocco and Morocco Tours to anyone. I have also attached some photos as you requested.

Best Regards,
Scott & Gretchen (May / June 2023)