Visiting Rabat in Morocco

When you decide to stop in at Rabat on the Atlantic Coast of Morocco you will know you have arrived. The traditionally Moroccan styled buildings of the city stand proud painted in brilliant whites and blues, almost giving the feel that you have just arrived in a Greek city.

Rabat is easily accessible and once you arrive you can get around the city so easily. There is the tram, taxis, buses and then the more leisurely option is to walk. If you are looking for a more luxurious holiday, there is a number of top quality hotels in the city and you can choose a private tour, where you can have your own tour guide and not have to share a busy coach with a selection of complete strangers.

Rabat has a lot to offer the visitor, of course there is the stretches of golden beach with the clear blue waters which is overlooked by the city, but once inside the city there is so much history and culture to soak up and explore.

Oudaya is an ancient castle at the mouth of the river Bou Regreg. The ancient castle will have you amazed with it’s spectacular architecture and be sure to stop in at the delightful art gallery just above the Oudaya.

Chellah is home to well-preserved Roman ruins dating back to 40AD. You can find Chellah on the outskirts of Rabat, within easy traveling distance. You can wander along the original Roman stone streets and explore the well-preserved walls as you soak up the history of this once bustling area.

The Royal Palace
The Royal Palace is a top tourist attraction in the heart of Rabat. The front is open to the public and you can get quite close to the spectacular arched entrance before the guards step in. You can wander around the palace and soak up the magnificence of this beautiful architectural masterpiece.

The beautiful white mausoleum is open to non-Muslims and is where you will find the burial place of the current kings grandfather. This is a major tourist attraction and should not be missed when vacationing in Rabat.

The Medina

A holiday in Morocco wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t visit the vibrant and busy souks, traditional markets, in the Medina. Each city of Morocco has their own Medina and the one in Rabat is as interesting and fascinating as the others and well worth the visit.

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