Visiting Morocco in July

Morocco is such a beautiful country in Northern Africa filled with spectacular coastlines, towering mountains, beautiful towns and villages and the expanse of the famous Sahara Desert.

July is a very hot month in Morocco which enjoys at least eight hours, if not more, of sunshine each day and temperatures averaging around 29 degrees Celsius dropping to a cooler 21 degrees Celsius in the evenings.

What’s On?
July is a busy month in Morocco with a number of festivals and holidays taking place. The most popular is the Marrakesh Popular Arts Festival which attracts folk singers, dancers, snake charmers, fire swallowers and fortune tellers from far and wide.

Djemma el Fna, the large square in Marrakesh comes alive with performers during the festival. Be sure to see the horse riding spectacle called Fantasia if you happen to be in Morocco this July.

On the 30 July everyone celebrates the Feast of the Thrones which is to celebrate the royal family, be warned that shops will be closed on this day.

Another very important thing to remember when traveling to Morocco during July is the start of Ramadan. The majority of Morocco is Islamic, which means that you will need to respect Ramadan which is when the people fast during the day, so don’t smoke, eat or drink while out and about. Shops are open as normal, so when in the city or towns respect their laws and customs.

Be Prepared
With July being such a hot month in Morocco it’s advisable to keep bottled water with you at all times to avoid dehydration, wear light clothing and use the sun creams, sun hats and sun glasses to protect yourself at all times.

Remember to only wear your bathing suit when at the beach or hotel pool, women should keep their shoulders and knees covered when out in the city and town areas.

Enjoy the festivals, soak up the sun and take part in some of the great watersports that are available.

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