Visiting Morocco as a Family

Morocco, located in Northern Africa, is full of beautiful scenery, history, culture and loads of fun activities. Many families don’t realise that Morocco has a host of great experiences for the whole family to enjoy.

Essauoira is a fishing village filled with long stretches of sandy shoreline. Families can enjoy days on the beach, and experience a host of water sports from surfing, snorkelling and even scuba diving. There is also an opportunity to ride a horse or camel along the beach, a memory you will never forget.

This delightful fishing village also has a Medina, the old town, we can explore the narrow passageways and covered alleys. The traditional markets, called souks, are a hive of activity. Buy all your souvenirs from traditional jewelry, carpets, leather goods, perfumes and even clothing.

Another highlight in Morocco for families is Taroudant. From here you can visit Berber villages, riding a horse drawn taxi an even ride a donkey. The biggest highlight in Taroudant is the bustling market place. Again the traditional market, known as the souk, gives holidaymakers the fun experience of bartering with the local traders.

Marrakesh, the fourth largest city in Morocco is often the first port of call for any holidaymaker. It is here with families can enjoy a fun day at the water Parks. With the wonderful warm climate it is so easy to spend a day or two of these Parks sliding down the slides.

Even though you are visiting as a family you may want to explore some of the history and culture that Morocco has to offer. Morocco has a large Medina and busy souk, they are also museums, mosques and other sites you would want to miss.
There are some many things for family to do and see when holidaying in Morocco.

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