Traveling around Morocco

One of the questions that potential travelers to Morocco ask is, “What is the best way to travel around Morocco? What is best: public transportation, rental car or private transportation?'” The real answer is it really depends on what you want to accomplish on your trip to Morocco.

Cheapest Option:
The cheapest option by far is to travel with public transportation. Jumping a local bus or “grand taxi” is a great way to travel between cities. Public transportation allows you to experience life like the locals… The main drawback of traveling in public transportation is that you are bound by the schedule of the transportation service. The bus lines only travel at certain times and the grand taxis only depart when they fill all the seats in the vehicle. You can end up waiting around for a few hours for the vehicle to depart. A trick is to buy the extra seats that are empty and head off earlier.

Privacy – Do it yourself!
The rental car option is perfect for those who are looking for privacy…wanting to enjoy Morocco on their own. A self-drive rental allows you to stop when you want and to do Morocco at your own pace. This is an excellent option for those experienced travelers. The main drawbacks for this option are: You get to enjoy the driver in Morocco…It can be a challenge to navigate the roads and avoid the “wild” drivers that you might encounter. The other drawback will be that you may not know the best places to stop and get lost in the cities trying to find your accommodations.

Personal Driver – an excellent choice
For those looking for a well-rounded experience of Morocco, you may want to consider a private driver. Your driver will show you Morocco through their eyes. He will be your escort during your stay. You also have the flexibility of when to start and stop your tour, when to eat, what to see… The drawback of this option is the price. It is definitely more expensive that the other options, but probably not out of your budget. From our experience, one of the main things that our clients appreciate of their Morocco tour is their driver…read some reviews of that they have said.

Morocco is well worth a visit…so whether you travel by public or private, make sure to plan your tour well and enjoy what Morocco has to offer.

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