Top Morocco Travel Tips

Morocco, a magical paradise in North Africa on the water’s edge filled with natural beauty and oozing with history and culture. A visit to Morocco is one to be remembered from the fantastic beach side locations to the historical ruins, superior tours and great activities.

When traveling to Morocco, the best way to enjoy your experience is to be prepared. Here are a couple of tips that you may find useful for your Moroccan experience.

Many nationalities don’t need a visa to visit Morocco as a tourist. This includes Canada, UK, USA, Australia, Europe, New Zealand and many more. You need to ensure your passport has at least six months validity and your passport will be stamped on arrival enabling you to visit for up to ninety days.

Luckily Morocco doesn’t require you be vaccinated before you enter. It is a fairly malaria free area, so you can just arrive and enjoy.

Women Travelers
As a woman traveler it’s important that you pack your suitcase accordingly, respecting the cultural and religious beliefs of the country. Morocco is mainly Islamic so it’s advisable to pack modest clothing. Keep your shorts, vests, cut off tops and bathing suit for when you are lying by the pool or at the beach. When walking around the cities and towns stick to trousers or long skirts and long sleeved tops.

A good travel insurance is essential wherever you travel in the world, but the best hint when it comes to Morocco travel is not to drink the tap water. There is plenty of bottled water available to avoid any upset stomachs you could experience from drinking the tap water. Due to the very warm climate it’s essential that you drink plenty of water or juice to avoid dehydration.

Morocco doesn’t struggle with violent crime it’s more the little thefts that can occur, which you would find in any country you decide to visit. You can reduce the risk of theft by keeping your valuables safe at all times and not flaunting any jewelry.

When traveling to Morocco take traveler checks and an ATM card. Bear in mind that many of the Moroccan ATM’s will not accept your ATM card, but those that will display the symbol. Don’t put your card in any ATM, you could lose it. Smaller villages and towns only accept cash, so it’s always worthwhile keeping some cash on you. Traveler checks can be exchanged at any of the major banks.

Expect to Barter
Bartering is a way of life in Morocco, so you better put your bartering cap on whether you are buying an item at a souk, a traditional market, or you are using a taxi.

Tours are a wonderful way to experience Morocco, get to see as much as possible while traveling with your friends. The tours offer superior air conditioned transport and an opportunity to experience the best of Morocco.

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