Top 3 Things to Eat in Morocco

When I think of Morocco, one of the first things that comes to my mind is the amazing food that Morocco offers. Firstly, the hospitality of Moroccans is absolutely wonderful – they lavish food on their guests. Secondly, the cuisine of Morocco is full of flavor and rated among the top in the world. For those looking to tour Morocco, you will definitely want to experience these three dishes of Morocco.

This unique dish is often served at weddings or other parties…a blend of sweet and savory, Bastilla is like nothing you have ever tasted. The outside of the “pie” is a thin phyllo dough crust covered with cinnamon and powered sugar. The inside has ground almonds, chicken (original pigeon), cinnamon, onions, and eggs mixed together and backed to perfection. You just have to try it before making your final opinion.

Meat and Prune Tagine
Tagine is the generic word for a “stew” that was traditionally cooked in the tagine clay dish. The meat and prunes, usually lamb or beef, is a semi-sweet tagine that offers a treat to your taste-buds. If cooked right, the meat is tender and the prunes are soft. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Chicken with Lemon & Olives Tagine
Some others might say, you need to try the cous cous…and although you should try it, I would recommend the Chicken with lemon and olives. The very first tagine that we were served by our Moroccan friends was an amazing chicken tagine covered with a mound of french fries. Now every family cooks these tagines differently, but I am sure you will enjoy this wonderful flavor.

I have had people visit Morocco on their tour and end up only wanting to eat Pizza Hut or McDonalds…I couldn’t believe it. Morocco food is absolutely one of the best in the world…so make sure you savor each moment.

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